Fit Girls do These Things Every Morning to Stay Fit and Fab ...


Fit Girls do These Things Every Morning to Stay Fit and Fab ...
Fit Girls do These Things Every Morning to Stay Fit and Fab ...

When you see a girl who is really fit, don’t be jealous. Instead, use her physique to inspire you to get yourself into shape. One of the best ways to reach the goals you have set for yourself is to take the example of girls who clearly know what they’re doing. So to help you out, I took tips from fit girls all over the place and brought the best of them all together in one place for you. Use these fantastic tips and you’ll be the one that other girls are jealous of.

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Eat Breakfast Twice Instead of Just Once

Eat Breakfast Twice Instead of Just Once If you’re one of those women who has a hard time eating a full meal in the morning, never fear. Many fit girls actually eat two morning meals. Start off with a small protein bar to jump start your energy levels. Then, an hour or so after you get up, have another, more substantial, meal. Scrambled eggs with vegetables is the perfect choice. This way, you get the fuel you need without skipping breakfast, which can interfere with your health.


Log Your Habits First Thing

Log Your Habits First Thing You know that by the afternoon you’re wearing down and your motivation starts to flag. That’s why getting your morning started the right way can help you make the right choices for the rest of the day. Make sure you start every day by recording your morning workout and what you ate. The good feeling this gives you will help you stay on track for the rest of the day.


Get up Early Every Single Morning

Get up Early Every Single Morning The fittest girls you’ll talk to will tell you that they make it a habit to get up early every single morning. Many of them use that morning time to get in a workout, but other women use it to get important tasks out of the way so they have time to exercise later in the day. If you’re a mom, you’ll quickly see the value in getting up before the kids and getting your healthy day started.


Get Everything Ready the Night before

Get Everything Ready the Night before By preparing yourself the night before, your morning will go much more smoothly. Fit girls will tell you that they lay out their workout clothing and get their breakfast ready before they go to bed. That way, when they get up, they are ready to rock and roll. This easy habit will totally change your life.


Drink a Glass of Warm Lemon Water

Drink a Glass of Warm Lemon Water Fit girls will swear by this simple habit. A warm glass of lemon water will help you wake up and gives you a great base for making healthy choices throughout the rest of the day. It’s super easy to prepare and is just the easy thing you need to get going without putting in a ton of effort. This is one of my daily habits and it works!


Make Yourself a Smoothie

Make Yourself a Smoothie If you can’t handle eating an actual meal in the morning, you need to master the art of the smoothie. Skipping breakfast sets you up for a binge later in the day because you’ll be so hungry. A smoothie won’t feel like eating a full meal, but it will satisfy your appetite and boost your nutrient intake at the same time.


Just Get to It

Just Get to It Girls who are super fit will tell you that they just have to get to it and get it done. Don’t let yourself hit the snooze just one more time or snuggle up with the newspaper instead of lacing up your sneakers and pounding the pavement. Just get to the task at hand and you’ll be so happy that you didn’t slack off.


Welcome Fresh Air

clothing, swimwear, undergarment, supermodel, muscle, When waking up, open the window and breathe deep. Inhaling fresh air first thing in the morning awakens your body, and fuels your vital organs for the day. It also helps you relax before you're even stressed out which reduces the production of cortisol during the day. Cortisol is the hormone that causes weight gain so reducing stress as much as possible reduces weight gain.


Enjoy a Morning Cup of Coffee

hair, face, clothing, nose, beauty, While many think coffee is harmful, it's actually quite beneficial. Fit girls love their morning coffee (usually black) because the caffeine boosts metabolism, provides you with vital nutrients, and protects your heart and liver.


Yoga in Bed

hair, black hair, beauty, hairstyle, long hair, Before even getting out of bed, fit girls do some yoga poses in bed. It's calming, healing, and wakes your muscles up for the day ahead.

Which of these tips do you plan to start tomorrow morning?

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I can assure you that just because you don't drink lemon water every morning you aren't unhealthy...

Warm lemon juice, stretches out side on my deck and deep breaths. Coffeeee but with heavy cream and equal. Eat a very low carb yogurt before going walking. After that, shower and then eat a friend egg and 3 small sausage links. Water, Water,,Water, all day. Before bed, wash up, lotion my face and feet :) play meditative sounds in my bedroom, deep breathing exercises and praying. Eye mask, get as comfy as popular, sleep. And little by little add strength excersize into my morning routine.

Jem, the pictures are great motivators!

Love it👍🏻

I plan to start with Yoga in Bed

I plan to start getting up early every single morning.

I loved it!!

I love this! I'm gonna try and start doing all these things!!

Why is this same girl on all these posts? Why does everyone only post pretty girls all the time...

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