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As much as many of us enjoy the psychological benefits of exercise, a whopping 87% of the population would love to find fun workouts that burn the most calories. Unfortunately, since most people figure this is not possible, they settle for working out in a box gym, counting down the minutes until they are finished. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of workouts that burn calories while you can have a blast. Here are just a few of the fun workouts that burn the most calories:

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Hula Hoop Workout

Hula hooping is a fun workout to do to strengthen your core, but hula hooping does not burn many calories when done alone. Add segments of jumping jacks and jump squats and make a goal of doing a hula hooping workout. The benefits you will feel the next day include the soreness from working your core and lower body! This tops the fun workouts that burn the most calories, actually up to 550 in one hour!


Destination Social Run

If you enjoy running but are bored with running the same old run, why not switch it up with a destination run? Run with a friend to the local deli for some lunch or run to a new treasure location. Explore the sights while burning up to 800 calories in an hour!


Dance with Your Tv Screen

Wii Fit, Xbox, and PlayStation all have fitness platforms for a gaming workout. So dance with your TV screen to get a great workout while burning calories. As a marathoner, even I have broken a good sweat while playing Just Dance with my children. Who knew a video game could be a workout? You can burn up to 575 calories in just one hour's time!


With Your Best Friend, Pooch

Switch up your normal game of fetch with your pooch and start running to get the ball and jumping to catch it, all the while getting a workout and having a blast. The benefit of exercise fun is that the time will fly while you burn mega calories, actually up to 450 in an hour!



Volleyball is a great workout and can be a lot of fun. Add in some sun and sand and it is even better, so head to the beach to catch some rays while you get a workout in. Bring your friends or recruit some teammates on the beach. The benefit of playing volleyball is you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour while working your total body!



Golf gets underplayed as not being a workout, but if you walk the green and tighten your core even when you drive the ball you will burn calories and strengthen your body. The key is to tighten your muscles as you perform. And sit in a squat hold while your opponent is playing (don’t worry, they won’t see)! Plus you can dress in a cute golfing outfit, added bonus! Golf is a great sport to master because if you work in some form of business, most deals are made right on the green! This fun workout can burn up to 500 calories in one hour!



Snowboarding is a really cool sport because it is challenging, exciting and burns a lot of calories. Snowboarding requires skill and a certain level of talent, but with focus you will get a great workout while having a lot of fun! This is a great workout to stay fit in the winter. This workout burns approximately 500 calories in an hour.

Hope you have enjoyed my list of fun workouts! So which one will you try? What is your favorite fun workout and why?

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I have started a Fitsteps class, great way to exercise love to dance !!!

That's a nice thing to know but what about swimming ??? I swim and I started to lose weight , and swimming makes all your muscles work while you're swimming !

I will always have a hard time believing golf is a calorie burner.

Oh wow, I didn't know that Just Dance was that calorie burning, I've done it for three hours straight once. I also played volleyball in the sand with my cousins and siblings while I had a boot (my sprained ankle was healing ) on probably for about three hours

I reckon when i stay at my boyfriend's place this weekend i'll be putting the Zumba on the wii - can't wait!

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