10 Tough Exercises for Girls Who Want Killer Abs ...


10 Tough Exercises for Girls Who Want Killer Abs ...
10 Tough Exercises for Girls Who Want Killer Abs ...

Do you want a gorgeous body to show off in crop tops and bikinis (or that your partner can appreciate when you’re in your skimpies?) Sculpting your abs to define them is no easy task. You need to be persistent in targeting that area as well as continuing to eating healthy and generally exercising. If you really want to out the work in, these abs exercises will get you in a sweat.

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Aztec Push up

One of the best tough abs exercises to try to complete is definitely the Aztec push up. It is a variation of the standard push up, so before you even attempt this, you need to make sure that your regular push ups are strong and solid. The Aztec push up can really take it out of you, so I would recommended that you only do a cycle of around 5 to 7 reps, but you can always increase once you master the technique!


One Handed Push up

This one is a slightly more achievable push variation to the Aztec push up, but it is still very challenging! The video shows you exactly how to master the one handed push up, and you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you cannot do it straight away. It takes a lot of determination and practise, but the results you will start to see will be so incredibly rewarding.


Superman Push up

This one is labelled by some as the hardest push up in the world, but we all love a challenge, don’t we!? It’s a super elite variation of the standard push up that involves launching you body in to the air as if you were flying like a superhero, landing in the push up floor pose and repeating. If you can get even three of four of these in a row, then you really are a superstar!


Abdominal Hold

This exercise is kind of similar to a crunch, and gets you to utilise a chair to experiment with holding your own body weight to allow your core muscles to work to a new level. Lifting yourself from the chair with your legs in front of you gets to your abs in a really effective way, and doing this action for periods in a repetition of about four times in a row will really grow your stamina and muscle mass.


Side Crunch

The battle against love handles can be fought with side crunches, a relatively simple but super effective exercise that is perfectly demonstrated in the video above. It combines breathing exercises with precise body alignment to produce some really great results.


The Hundred

This exercise comes from the world of Pilates and involves lying flat on your back whilst lifting your arms and legs above the mat, all while focusing on your all-important breathing. It’s a fantastic exercise to master if your abs are your problem area. It is usually recommended that the Hundred be completed in reps of 7 to 10, with your strength increasing with each session!


The Prone Plank

The prone plank is a popular one to do with other people in the form of a competition! The position is easy to assemble but so hard to maintain, but you can rest assured that every single second you spend doing the prone plank is going towards making your abs healthier and harder, giving you a beach body that people will be jealous of!


Reverse Crunch

For this exercise, lie on your back keeping shoulders and lower back on the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees feet flat on the ground. Using lower abs and keeping lower back planted on the ground lift feet off the ground pulling knees towards your chest. Lower feet back towards the ground back to starting position.


Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

Start by getting down onto all fours. Extend right arm straight out by head and left leg back behind you keeping core engaged and hips straight.Bring both arm and leg back to start position then extend left arm and right leg. That’s 1 rep. Repeat.


Pushup to Shoulder Tap

For this exercise, get yourself into the standard pushup position. Lower your body down trying to get chest to touch the ground. Push yourself back up to start position. Use right hand and touch left shoulder, then do another push up. Then touch right shoulder with left hand. Repeat.

Are you ready to get sculpting those abs?

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