The 7 Exercises All Short Girls Need ...

By Holly

The 7 Exercises All Short Girls Need ...

Maybe you hate being short and wish you were taller. Maybe you don't mind being short, but hate how a little bit of weight can look like a lot on your small frame. Either way, you don't have to worry anymore. Here are a few of the best exercises for short girls that'll help you raise your confidence and your muscle strength:

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1 How to Slim down Your Waist

If you have a small frame, then you probably don't want to have too much belly fat, because it'll be more noticeable on you than it would be on tall women. In order to keep your waist slim, you can try these exercises, which include side plank hip drops, thai planks, windmills, double leg circles, russian twists, plank taps, and standing wood chops.

2 How to Create Better Posture

If you hate being considered petite, then there are a few things you can do. Even though you can't add four or five inches to your height, you can still do exercises that will help your posture. It can create the illusion that you're one or two inches taller, because you won't be hunching anymore. This video will help you by showing you how to do U palms, wing rolls, heartbeats, half cobra pushups, swimmers, geckos, parachuters, and bird dogs.

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3 How to Appear Taller

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about improving your posture, then you should watch this video. You'll get an explanation about how to choose workout moves that will benefit your tiny body and make it appear taller.

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4 How to Get Curves

This video will show you how to get curves if you're petite. It encourages you to work on building your hips, glutes, and upper body strength. The first exercise involves resting on your back and lifting one left up in the air along with your hips, and then raising your hips back down. Don't worry, because the rest of the exercises are just as simple to learn.

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5 How to Work out at Home

If you have a small frame, then you might have trouble gaining muscle. However, this video will help you. First, you're going to do an exercise that involves a squat and an overhead press, so you work out your upper body and your lower body at the same time. You can even try holding weights to build up your shoulders.

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6 How to Get a Slim Waist

Here's another video that'll teach you how to get a smaller waist and trim down your midsection. Instead of doing a lot of crunches, which can make you appear wider, you should try the exercises in this video. It'll give you the stomach that you've always wanted (even though your stomach looks beautiful just the way that it is).

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7 How to Grow Taller with Yoga

Since perfect posture is the key to looking taller, and yoga can help you improve your posture, you should check out this video. It will increase your flexibility, which will help you sit up straighter than usual. That means that you'll create the illusion that you're taller, even though you're pretty much the same size as you've always been.

Now, all of you short ladies have a few new exercises to try. Which one of these workouts are you going to try to finish today?

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