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How Fit Girls Get Addicted to Exercise ...

By Jennifer

Have you ever noticed fit girls aren't just "into" fitness, they're just about addicted to it? If you want to get past dreading exercise, and skip to the part where you crave it, I've got a few fit-tips that can help. Here's a quick primer on how to get hooked on fitness.

1 Pick a Program You Love

joint, shoulder, exercise equipment, leg, arm, There are so many workouts, there's no reason to try to stick to a program you just don't love. For example, if you try running and you hate it, don't try to force yourself to run. Instead, try something else, maybe battle ropes or yoga, until you find something you love.

2 And then Keep It Fresh!

undergarment, muscle, lingerie, thigh, active undergarment, Even something you love can get boring after a while, so be sure to change your program a little every few weeks. Add a twist, a new class, add something new to your playlist, or just amp up the intensity a bit.

3 Your Squad

weightlifter, exercise equipment, strength training, physical fitness, weight training, If you surround yourself with friends who love the same exercise you do, you'll hold each other accountable and enjoy a little extra squad (squat?) time at the same time.

4 Squad Goals

physical fitness, shoulder, joint, thigh, leg, Since you and your girls are all doing the same program, why not set some fitness-related squad goals? Having something to work toward as a team can really help motivate all of you!

5 Your Own Goals!

shoulder, leg, joint, thigh, muscle, I'm a runner, so my constant goal is to beat my own PR (personal record). It keeps me going even when the last thing I want to do is run. Set a goal for yourself in addition to your squad goals, and keep going for it!

6 Make It Me Time

car, structure, room, sport venue, auto show, If you have time to get a mani/pedi each week for me time, then you've got the time to add in a class or workout for me time. Both are fab self-esteem builders, and one of them's also really good for your heart.

7 The Gear

footwear, joint, leg, shoulder, jeans, I don't know why, but I always feel more motivated to work out when I'm wearing a fun, bright top and colorful trainers. Treat yourself to a some new workout clothes (maybe even matching squad tees?) and you may feel a little more motivated.

8 Celebrate Success

exercise equipment, room, standing, weight training, shoulder, You know what's seriously addictive? Celebrating successes as you meet your goals! So don't forget to celebrate a little when anyone in the squad, or the entire group of friends, wins a little.

9 Know the Plateau

active undergarment, abdomen, thigh, shoulder, undergarment, There's nothing worse than feeling like you're just not moving forward or making progress, and that's a plateau. Don't dread it, though: know that it's going to happen sooner or later, expect it, and push through it!

Chime in, my fellow fit girls! How else do you keep motivated and stay addicted?

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