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A body that is toned all over is proportional and healthy. Your body is divided into certain muscle groups and you’ve got to choose exercises that target each of them for the best look. By including moves for each muscle group in every one of your strength training sessions, you can create the toned and defined body that you crave so much. Here are some to get you started.

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Shoulder Muscles

Strong and toned shoulders go really well with toned arms and you have to include moves that target your shoulders specifically. They should be combined with moves for your arms so that you can balance the two muscle groups and keep them looking proportional. Experts recommend including dumbbell front raises and the military press into your routine. Watch this video for more:


Arm Muscles

There are several muscles in your arms, so it makes sense to include moves that target each of them. That includes your biceps, triceps and forearms. Some moves will work a couple of them at once, but including a lot of variety in your arms workout will help them look toned and defined, which also increases your strength. Try barbell curls, chin ups, triceps dips, overhead dumbbell extensions and the farmer’s walk. Or watch this easy to follow tutorial:


Chest Muscles

You don’t want to skip working your chest muscles. Don’t worry – you won’t get all buff and look like a body builder with a normal routine. However, you will counter balance your back muscles, which can help prevent injuries when you exercise and keep you looing proportional. Include moves like the bench press, dumbbell fly and the decline push-up. Here’s some extra help if you need it:


Abdominal Muscles

Many women call their abs a trouble spot and want to work on whittling their middle. Working your core helps you trim down and create the womanly curves you want while also increasing your strength and benefiting your balance and posture. Like your arms, there are several groups of muscles in your abs and you need to work them evenly. Try planks, mountain climbers, twists and sit-ups. Here’s a great video to help you out:


Back Muscles

A strong and toned back is beneficial for many reasons. You’ll feel better and look better, but your posture will also improve and you’ll be stronger when it comes to lifting your kids, bags of groceries and your overflowing basket of laundry. You need exercises that work your upper and lower back, including bent over lateral raises, barbell shrugs, shoulder rotations, lat pull downs and supermans. Here’s a video that you can follow for great results:


Butt Muscles

A toned and strong gluteus looks good and makes you stronger. No one wants a saggy bottom, right? The right moves will perk up your butt cheeks and prevent flat butt or droopy butt. You’ll love these moves and how they make you look great in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Try kettlebell swings, weighted glute bridges and deadlifts. The moves on this tutorial will also help you get the results you want:


Leg Muscles

I love it when my thighs and calves are toned and defined. However, it takes a lot of work to get them to stay the way you want them. You’ll have to include leg moves on a really regular basis to keep your stems cut and strong. Moves that work both the upper and the lower leg are important. Try calf raises, squats, leg presses, leg curls, deadlifts and box jumps. Here’s more:

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It's very hard to keep elbows together . I think partially because I have carpel tunnel very bad . Anyways , any tips on the elbows together as they have a $100 bill in them . Almost impossible . Great video "!!

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