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Tired of the same old exercise routines and looking for fun fat burning workouts to get you in your best shape without feeling bored? Then you need to switch up your normal routine, think out of the box and try something new. Your weight loss plateau can be a result of your workout boredom, so break through and put your body to the test. Grab your bestie and your favorite workout outfit and try a new fitness regimen. You can start out with Bootcamp, a running club and so many more fun fat burning workouts that will be so much fun you will forget you are even working out!

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Okay maybe I am a little partial since I own a Bootcamp but this can be one of the most fun fat burning workouts that you have ever tried. If you try a local Bootcamp in your area taught by a passionate and dedicated certified trainer, you will learn ways to perfect your fitness form, learn more about your body and meet new friends. So enlist in a Bootcamp for the New Year and you can share your experience of this being one of the most fun fat burning workouts you have ever tried!


Team Sports

So just because you played basketball in high school and fell off the routine when you got into college, it does not mean that your basketball days over. You can join a intermural sports team and put your skills to the test to see if you still have it. You will also meet a bunch of new fit friends to hang out with so it is a win win!


Running Club

Okay this video may seem a little off the norm, since they are singing while running but hey you never know. Running with a group rocks. I have been a member of a local running club, Raritan Valley Road Runners for over a decade and they are like a second family. Sweat and smile together as you pound the pavement in synergy.


Gym Classes

Try a new fitness class at your local gym to step out of your realm and change up your normal fitness routine. Pole dancing is a great class to try that is a great way to work your body, have fun and just do something you would never ordinarily do! You can do all this while burning a bunch of calories! Yahoo for that!



I love this video because it makes you want to jump up and dance! When you were in school you were self-conscious of dancing but as you grew up, you realized you have some great moves. Build your confidence and get a great workout in a dance aerobics class like the one in this video! It is so much fun you will forget you are even exercising!


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the highest calorie burning exercise per minute among all workouts. So channel your inner child while you shred your body to a great jump rope exercise like in this video. This high intense calorie torcher can have you fit as a fiddle in a matter of weeks so get jumping!


Hula Hooping

When you think of hula hooping you imagine swaying your hips with your childhood besties and competing for the heck of it. Yes those were the days! But now you can bring a weighted hula hoop into your fitness routine and make a workout out of it! Just remember to focus on form as well as having fun!

So I hope you have enjoyed this list of fun workouts and hope you will try them all out pronto! Are you ready to change up your workouts and try something new?

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