7 Toughest Workouts for Girls Who Want Serious Results

By Tara

7 Toughest Workouts for Girls Who Want Serious Results

As much as we all would love things to come easy, like great results, good things in life never will. You have to work hard to achieve results, but guess what? It is so worth it! So begin by performing exercises that will give you the incredible results you are longing for - and deserve! I promise you, every bit of sweat will be worth it, so get working! Follow along and perform these tough exercises that are practically guaranteed to give you great results!

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1 Burpees

Being in the fitness industry for over a decade, I have done my fair share of burpees and they are not only challenging but also super effective for working your total body! If you are not doing burpees in your current fitness routine, you are missing out on an exercise that can give you amazing results. So follow this video and get to integrating burpees in your fitness routine!

2 Lunges

Lunges are definitely a tough exercise for targeting your lower body, but they are well worth the challenge. Drop your leg down to 90 degrees and focus on targeting your larger muscle groups to increase your metabolism and give you ultimate results. Check out this video as I guide you in how you can rock this exercise with a smile!

3 Starburst

If you are in the armed forces then you are no stranger to performing this exercise and for good reason - it works! Follow the tips in this video as you perform this effective total body exercise and feel the burn!

4 Tricep Dips

Unless you are a regular at the gym, chances are you may be neglecting all of your muscle groups like your triceps. The triceps are an important secondary muscle group that you can tone and strengthen with tricep dips, using a simple chair. Follow this video and work your upper body!

5 Squat Hold

Love squat holds because they are such an incredible exercise to strengthen your lower body. And you really feel the burn in your legs, in particular the front of your thighs! It is as simple as sitting up against the wall and bringing your body down to 90 degrees. Feel the burn in your legs and core as you push yourself to achieve something more!

6 Pushups

Pushups are one of the oldest and most effective upper body exercises that are amazing. Try adding them into your routine and you can feel the burn the next day. To achieve results, you have to work for it and with pushups, you most certainly will!

7 Pull Ups

Pull ups are so challenging but also effective to work your arms, core and entire back. Try performing this super exercise yourself and keep track of your increase in progress. The stronger you become, the easier the exercise gets, so work on building up your strength!

Are you ready to get in your best shape? Then perform these exercises on a regular basis and eat healthy! It will be worth it!

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I can't do burpees, they make my knees click and makes them hurt for days afterwards

I love

My mom does these for three years nothin happened to her

Can't wait to try these

For how long ? Do we do this ??

This one is great


How about developing muscles to be able to handle more push-ups. Like going from 40- 60+ (halfway down) or 30-50 (full way almost touching the ground) for the first set.

How are you?

Do this also at night it helps a lot and give you the best results.

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