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Fitness Tips from Miss America's Trainer ...

By Holly

Stephen P. Smith was Betty Cantrell, the newly crowned Miss America's, trainer. He's also the founder of Viva Fitness, which means he has a lot of experience when it comes to exercising. Lucky for us, he recently sat down with Pop Sugar an gave them these helpful fitness tips:

1 Hamstring Exercises

According to Stephen, women should focus more on their hamstrings. The exercises aimed at them can actually help develop a woman's glutes and make her legs look leaner. That's why he tells his clients to do deadlifts, box step-ups, and hamstring curls. They're simple exercises that can lead to a better looking body.

2 Lunges

Stephen places emphasis on the importance of doing lunges. There are so many different types of them that you can do, which is why there's no excuse to skimp on them. However, he suggests that his clients should alternate front and reverse lunges, doing about 20 per leg, while holding weights in their hands.

3 Posture

Stephen believes that a woman's posture can make or break her appearance. Of course, it's hard to stand up straight when you're used to slouching, which is why you should do exercises like one-legged bicep curls and planks. If you do them enough, they'll help you learn to balance.

4 Cardio

If you want to keep your weight off, you can never forget to do cardio. Stephen suggests doing treadmill intervals for about a half hour at least two times a week. Meanwhile, he believes women shouldn't take too many cycling classes, because it will result in an upper body that's smaller than their lower body.

5 Eating Healthy

Stephen knows that women who wish to lose weight need to do so in a healthy way. That means there's no reason to starve yourself or go on a crazy diet. You shouldn't torture yourself. You just need to change your style of eating. It helps to consume small meals every three hours.

Stephen helped Betty Cantrell get fit, and she won the competition, so you might as well listen to his advice. What other pieces of advice do you have for women who want to stay fit?

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