7 Complete Body Workouts for Girls Who Travel ...


If you find yourself traveling and feeling out of your exercise routine, it is time to stop stressing and think outside of the box because where this is a will, there is a way. You can always pack resistance bands and running sneakers so you can exercise wherever you go. Over the course of many miles traveled, I have pounded the pavement running and been able to check out some great local sights! You can check out beautiful scenery while you get your workout in on vacation too and also check out the other total body workouts you can enjoy!

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Hotel Room Workout

Traveling can be a drag if you find yourself lacking the motivation or the fitness equipment needed for your workout, so keep it simple. Pack your resistance bands of varying intensity along with a good pair of running shoes and plan out your daily workout. I find the earlier the better because then there is no possibility of late-day workout avoidance or being too tired to exercise.


Toning While You Travel

Tone it up with Thalia and Cassey while you travel. Just because you are away from home does not mean you have to be away from your fitness routine. So watch along as these fit ladies get their workouts done and then perform this super effective core and total body routine. And remember to stay focused on eating healthy so you can make the most out of this great workout.


Worst Gym Worries

If you check into your hotel and find it has the worst gym ever, have no fear because a solution is here. I have been there at least a dozen times and with a little imagination and some motivation, you can get your super sweat on. For some great ideas, follow this video with circuits such as squat holds, upper back exercises, arms and even core. Want some more? Then add some extra repetitions!


12-Minute Fab Fitness

As you travel you may find yourself longing to work out and stay with your current routine of fit focus. So get with it and stay with it by following this great routine of step ups, plyos and total body work. Make sure you focus on quality, make the most out of every exercise and stay fit while you travel!


Do Some Burpees with This Blonde

When traveling and staying fit becomes a struggle it is time to seek sources of inspiration like this fit blonde.This woman demonstrates some great exercises like the prisoner lunge so follow along as you get fit and stay on track to your goals while you are away. Just remember that every step you take is one step closer to your goal and never give up!


Best Workouts While You Are Away

Follow some of the best workouts that all the A-listers follow and you can easily perform this while on vacation. The exercises in this video take your traditional exercises and kick them up a notch. This is just the right balance to help work your body while you are away. So follow along and make sure you focus on proper form to make the most out of each of these effective exercises!


Get in Shape with These Bodyweight Exercises

You head to the gym at your hotel and notice the hours are a bust. Who has time to wait for the gym to open at 8am? Have no worries because with these great body weight exercises like the jump squat, you have no need to worry. Engage those abs with these explosive moves and make the most out of each ultra-effective exercise! And smile because getting fit is fun!

So with all these super total body travel workouts, which one will you start with first? If you are on a 7-day trip, why not plan a different workout each day? Whatever you choose, have safe travels and don’t forget your exercise apparel! You will need it!

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Why would anyone want to work out on vacation?

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Don't work out on holidays and also maybe being away is a way to see if your bid is looking good

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