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If you’re looking for a new way to burn calories and tone up, look no further than dance cardio. The classes consist of choreographed dance moves that are fun and allow you to groove to the sound of all the hottest club music. Many rec centers and gyms offer dance cardio classes so look around and find one that speaks to you. In the meantime, check out these suggestions and you’ll be on your way to a fit body and a whole lot of fun.

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Body by Simone

If you live in Los Angeles or New York City, sign up right away for a Body by Simone class. This former dancer designed the workout, which lasts for nearly an hour and incorporates moves that tone the muscles in your entire body and allows you to dance it out with like-minded people. If you aren’t in L.A. or NYC, you can find similar classes online or in local gyms.


Valeo Dance Fitness

Here’s a class you can take in the Atlanta area, and you are totally going to love it. The class combines toning moves with calorie blasting dances that will keep you guessing. The class also incorporates hula hoops, resistance bands and stability balls to really give you an outstanding workout. Fun!


Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson is a big name in the fitness world because of her innovative and really fun ways to get into shape and stay there. Anderson is often credited with the dance cardio movement and you can find her classes in several large cities. The class changes every 10 days so you’ll never get bored and you’ll give your body just the right challenge.


Juicy Athletic Moves

Next time you’re in Malibu, take a JAM class. Why? Because it’s fun, for one thing. But, this class will also have you dancing to disco lights with mirrors all over the walls. Lady Gaga is a huge fan of this dance class so you might also get to a dose of star sighting while you get your workout. What could be more fun?



Here’s another great New York City class that will totally challenge you. The class features a blend of hip hop dancing with ballet and a dose of bodyweight moves too. The result is a super intense class that will give you rock solid muscles and keep your body flab-free. You’re going to love it!


The Firm

Up in Minneapolis is this fantastic class that will get your heart going and rev your metabolism at the same time. The class is a super fun mix of yoga, dance and high impact moves that you can bust out to the tune of your favorite funk music. If you live up north, this is definitely a class you don’t want to miss.


Pulse PDX

Available in Portland, Oregon, this class is one you don’t want to miss trying at least once. The studio features a stage and blasts the best salsa, merengue and hip-hop music you’ll ever hear. You can dance onstage if you want to, but either way, you’ll get a great workout while also having a ton of fun at the same time. What more could a girl want?

Have you ever tried any of these classes? What other dance cardio classes would you add to the list?

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