How Lazy Ladies Can Motivate Themselves to Work out ...


Even the laziest ladies out there can motivate themselves to work out. While a slice of pizza can feel just as rewarding as a run, the latter will actually benefit your body. If you want to live a long life so you can see the finale of your favorite TV show, you need to push yourself to exercise more often. Here are a few tricks you can use to do just that:

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Watch TV While You Work out

Lazy ladies love watching Netflix, so it's time to use the streaming site as a motivational tool. Don't allow yourself to watch the next episode of your favorite show unless you do so while exercising. You can set your laptop on the floor next to you while you do crunches, while you run on the treadmill, or while you sit on an exercise bike. Most workouts don't require your full attention, so you'll be able to watch your show without any distractions. Plus, your workout will fly by when you watch something you love.


Reward Yourself with Cash

Have you been dying to buy the PS4 or a new pair of boots? Then you should grab a jar that you can stick money inside of. Whenever you workout for an hour, you can put a bill inside of that jar that will go toward the product you want to buy. The more you work out, the sooner you can treat yourself to a new purchase.


Buy an Outfit You Can't Fit in

If you're aiming to lose weight, you should buy a fancy dress that you want to eventually be able to fit into. Hang it up in a spot where you can always see it, so it'll motivate you to exercise. You don't want all that money you spent on it to go to waste, do you?


Exercise without Leaving Your Bed

You don't actually have to leave the house in order to exercise--in fact, you don't have to leave your bed. While it's better to do push ups and crunches on a hard floor, you can technically do them without getting out from under the covers.


Fantasize about Your Favorite Celebrity

Instead of posting a picture of a female celebrity that you want to look like on your fridge, you should post a picture of a male celebrity you wish you could date. If you want to stand a chance with him, you're going to have to get fit so that you have enough energy to walk down all those red carpets with him, aren't you?


Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

If you have comfortable workout clothes, you can sleep in them. That way, when you wake up, the mirror will remind you that you're supposed to be exercising.


Find an Intense Workout Buddy

If you're too lazy to force yourself to work out, then you might need a friend to help you along. Find someone who will give you tough love, so they don't feel bad for you and go easy on you. You need someone who will push you to workout, even when it's the last thing you want to do.

The only thing standing between you and a healthier body is the amount of time you put into exercising. What other techniques should ladies use to motivate themselves to exercise?

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I track my exercise on my calendar and figure out the percentage of effort I put in at the end of the month. Everyday months, I look and feel my best:)

Currently I'm in a damn lazy period of no exercising 😭

Except for rest days...

I do 3 all the time! It feels so good when you can finally zip it all the way !!

Just work out already...


Buy an outfit ??? And work for that ? Lolzz .what if u work ur butt off and still it doesnt fit the person might not work ever again lol.

I drink water so much while working out

I mark a calendar everyday with a big bright red X for the days I workout. As the mouth progress I'm motivated to X out each day of the calendar.

Watching tv while working out is definitely a good idea!

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