3 Exercises You Can do in the Office so You Have No Excuse Not to Work out ...


3 Exercises You Can do in the Office so You Have No Excuse Not to Work out ...
3 Exercises You Can do in the Office so You Have No Excuse Not to Work out ...

One of the biggest complaints people have when talking about exercise is that they don’t have the time. Deep down we know it is more of an excuse than a complaint, but we won’t admit that to just anybody.

For any type of physical activity and exercise to make a difference, it needs to be done regularly and routinely. If you work in an office environment, your working hours may genuinely not allow for time during the day to get down to the gym, and in the evening after a long day and family demands waiting for you at home, it is a certifiable luxury to hit the gym and sweat out the stress of the day.

There is a gym class that combines all the fundamental aspects of ballet, fitness, and Pilates, giving you a full body workout that will increase your stability, core strength and posture, and even better, you can take some of the moves right to the office with you.

Barre attack is a really fun way to get fit, stay in shape and increase your confidence while making you feel sexy and toned. And when you cannot get to the class or the gym, you can do a few simple yoga-based or dance-based exercises to keep you on the right track in between.

Here are 3 exercises you can do in your office:

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Walking Lunges

Use the widest part of your office and take large strides and dip into a lunge. Remember to keep your core connected and your back straight. Do at least 3 lengths or breadths of the office. (You might want to explain what you are doing to ward off the funny looks and definitely not an exercise to perform in tight clothing!)


Tricep Dips

You can use an office chair for this one. Keep your back as close to the chair as possible and (keeping your knees bent if you are a beginner), as you do a standard dip movement. Do 3-7 Reps. Warning – do not use a chair with wheels!


Wall Squats

Choose a large wall with space to slide down into a squat, using the wall for support for your back. Do at least 5-10 Reps. Keep one leg out straight if you want a bit more of a challenge. Don’t forget to have your excuse ready when the boss comes along and asks why you’re using your butt to clean the wall!

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