10 of the Absolute Best Butt Exercises of All Time ...


10 of the Absolute Best Butt Exercises  of All Time  ...
10 of the Absolute Best Butt Exercises  of All Time  ...

Across magazine covers, clothing ads and storefronts, the best butts seem to be the highlight of every fashion focus. A tight butt can literally transform the way clothing appears on you. There is nothing like having a toned, tight butt that will look great in jeans, bathing suit bottoms and naked. Although genetics play their part, there are many women that work for the very best butts by performing targeting exercises. These exercises will help you to prove you have what it takes to achieve the incredible results you desire. So if you want it, put in the time to get it with these best butt exercises of all time!

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Squats are seriously amazing for toning your glutes and helping you to achieve the amazing butt like bathing suit models own. That is because the squat works all three muscles of the butt making this exercise super effective. So perform 3 sets of 18 squats for two to three days a week and make your best butt dreams into a reality!


Jump Squats

Jump squats are an effective intense version of the regular squat that will increase your heart rate and help you to burn fat. This exercise is a great way to boost your results and target the muscles of the butt and core. So put some power into this exercise and give it all you got because great results are just around the corner!


Squat Hold

Have a seat against the wall, putting the weight on your heels and perform a squat hold. Make sure your legs are down to a 90 degree angle seated position and feel the burn. Begin with a 30 second goal for 3 days a week and every week add 30 seconds until you reach 3 minutes. I promise this exercise will challenge you!


Kick Outs

Standing, or on your knees, kick your leg back to target the muscles in your butt and hamstring. Perform 3 sets of 18 and then switch sides to work your lower half. This exercise will push you and in a matter of weeks you will see the difference. So burn baby burn by giving it all you got!



Target the muscles of each leg and glute individually by performing a lunge. Since this is a isolation exercise you will most definitely feel your muscle soreness the day after. Perform the lunge in a controlled manner to make the most out of the exercise. Work your body strong to achieve your best butt ever!


Reverse Lunges

Walk backwards and drop your leg down to perform the reverse lunge. This exercise will help you to target your behind and if you perform this properly I can almost guarantee next day soreness. Your goal is 3 sets of 18 for your best butt results!


V Squats

Stand tall with legs in a V and slowly lower your body to perform the V squat. If you want to up the intensity for your best butt results, add a jump as you perform the V squat. Make a goal of 3 sets of 20 for three days a week and work your booty into perfection!


Toe Taps

You might wonder how something so simple could be so good for your backside. Do the move for several days and you'll feel exactly where it's boosting your cheeks. To do a toe tap, lie on the floor with your arms at your sides. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Tap your left feet to the floor, then your right, going back and forth for one minute.


Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are a yoga move that have a mega impact your rear end. You'll feel the move through your thighs and hamstrings and into your glutes. Start by standing with your feet close together, arms at your sides. Raise your arms overhead, pressing your palms together. Fold forward, touching the floor with your hands. Move into a plank, roll your upper body up, straightening your elbows, then move into downward dog. Inhale as you stand up and raise your arms overhead. Return to the starting position to finish.



This simple move has more toning power than you'd ever expect. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart and your toes pointing outward. Extend your arms out in front of you and move into a squat. Come back up, then repeat the move, slowly, for one minute.

With so many beautiful booty exercises it is time for you to get up, get moving and make your every dream into a reality. With hard work, time and lots of energy you will get your best booty results!

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All legs bums and tums classes have these beauty's in!! Absolutely perfect for getting a round bum!! :)

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Did not get all the exercises, I would sincerely appreciate if I could have another chance to see them ?! Thank you, Kimberly Hatfield

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