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62 Ways to Get Inspired to Be Fit Right Now ...

By Jennifer

I confess: most days, I need a little extra fitness inspiration just to get out of bed and lace up my trainers. Inside me is a lazy, unmotivated girl who just wants to lie around and eat chips... but all it takes is a little fitness inspiration, and I'm good to go! If you're in need of some motivation to ger you moving, here's a little look at what gets me up and out the door (and burning calories).

1 Time Flies

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This is my all-time favorite fitness inspiration, because it's so true! Whether you choose to work out or not, the time will pass by... so why not work on you, between now and then?

2 You Only Live Once

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Spoiler alert: you only live once, so do you want to be a fit bad-ass, or something else? It's up to you how you choose to live this one life you have!


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3 Beginners

text,font,brand,screenshot,document,Via In-your-face Poster "Allow yourself to ...
This is so true! No one excels at everything the first time!

4 Six Months

Plexus Slim,text,font,advertising,brand,Via Fitness on Instagram: “Have a ...
Six months may sound like a long time, but it's not, especially when you're talking about totally transforming your life and your body!

5 It's Not over...

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As long as you're trying, you're succeeding.

6 Public Vs. Private

Actually, you wear it in private, too.

7 Haters

Colorado,human action,muscle,advertising,brand,Via Healthy Fitness
Thank you, supporters! Take that, haters!

8 Fatigue

text,font,logo,brand,presentation,Via You are not a coward. ...
This is almost my mantra for the last half-mile of distance day.

9 Role Model

Number26,human action,human positions,person,sitting,Via Workout~Dream big and believe in ...
I love, love, LOVE this one! Be a shining example!

10 Every Day

BNS,muscle,wrestler,sense,EVERYDAY,Via Workout Motivation. START DOING!
... but you have to take that very first step on that very first day!


text,poster,album cover,font,advertising,Via Shop online for nutritional and ...
This is you! You are a determined woman! Go!

12 Sticks and Stones

Agencia Publica,muscle,sense,advertising,physical fitness,Via Me..
Not that anyone ever ought to have, those bullies. They're just jelly.

13 Easy?

text,font,product,brand,logo,Via The year of ME
Nothing worth having is ever easy.

14 Positive

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It's all mind over matter, right?

15 Faster

dance,performing arts,sports,entertainment,team sport,Via Quotes
... and sometimes, faster isn't better anyway.

16 Jiggle!

BigFM,text,font,signage,automotive exterior,Via fitness inspiration
I love this one! It's such a clever play on words, and so true!

17 Good Morning!

text,font,logo,brand,presentation,Via Motion
This could be your life. It could!

18 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The same can be said for looking back. Keep your eyes on the prize!

20 You Can!

human action,sports,running,leg,physical exercise,Via Be Your best Fitness | ...
You can, absolutely, but will you? YES! Go!

21 Try

Golden Centre,text,font,brand,album cover,Via Forward Fitness - Fitness Quotes ...
So you might as well do your best, right?

22 Strength

Cannondale,text,font,logo,brand,Via Make Yourself Unstoppable
It's amazing how quickly your so-called "weaknesses" will fade into the background.

23 Time

human action,text,person,font,product,Via Motivational Fitness Saying
In other words, Rome wasn't built (or destroyed) in a day.

24 I Wear Black

text,font,brand,logo,album cover,Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
... for my fat, and my laziness, and my unhealthiness...

25 Magic Door?

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,product,vest,Via Cool-Weather Workout Clothes to Add ...
Apparently, the gym has a magic door.

26 Fitness Facts

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This is good to know, and so helpful!

27 Wonder Woman

clothing,t shirt,sleeve,muscle,arm,Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Wouldn't this be cute for your first 5k run?

28 Keep Going

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Thank you, Jillian, for the motivation!

29 Food & Exercise

University of Manchester Students' Union,text,font,brand,advertising,Via DivineBodies (@DivineBodies) | Twitter
This is so true, and somehow so sad.

30 Discipline

+Energia,GISMA Business School,GISMA Business School,text,font,Via Fitness Motivation
I try to remember this when I'm feeling my laziest.

31 Speed Doesn't Matter

performance art,muscle,advertising,physical fitness,matter,Via Health is Wealth, Strong is ...
I love this one! Mostly because I go slow.

32 Don't Quit

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I've cried before. I've even thrown up before. But I haven't quit, and neither should you. Well, okay, just don't hurt yourself.

33 Show up

In fact, that's when you really should show up!

34 LovE Yourself!

human action,person,running,muscle,jogging,Via Brazil Butt Lift - Brazilian ...
That's what this boils down to - if you love yourself, you have to take care of yourself!

35 Amazing

text,font,pink,poster,art,Via SUPREME BODY — #fitness #fit ...
Nothing amazing just happens, including people. Like you!

36 When in Doubt

muscle,arm,wrestler,bodybuilding,sense,Via Inspirational Quotes For Women Exercise
Sad? Go work out. Happy? Go work out. Frustrated, confused, excited? GO WORK OUT.

37 Run Til...

text,font,brand,logo,presentation,Via Things for My Wall
This is so funny! I love it!

38 Squats

cartoon,writing,sketch,drawing,illustration,Via Fitspiration
That picture goes perfectly with the quote, doesn't it?

39 Wish Vs. Work

Snarky Puppy,human action,person,font,footwear,Via Getting My Workout On...I do ...
Oh, this is so true! Wishing won't get you very far, but work sure will!

40 Drop It

clothing,t shirt,pink,font,brand,Via Built By Squats Tank Top. ...
This is so funny! I want this.

41 The Secret

human action,jogging,person,sports,spandex,Via A New Study Says You ...
Victoria's secret, apparently, is running, especially with a friend! If Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr can do it, so can you and your BFF.

42 Impossible

Koninklijke Lierse Turnkring,text,font,logo,brand,Via The Hungry Runner Girl | ...
What used to be impossible (me, running a quarter-mile) is now easy. My new impossible? A marathon.

43 Clean Vs. Dirty

Cocktail,text,font,album cover,illustration,Via MORNING MY FRIENDS SUPPORTERS FAMILY ...
Just don't do it the other way around. It won't work.

44 Pink

active undergarment,clothing,underpants,undergarment,briefs,Via
She's not perfect - who is? - but wow, is she fit! I love her!

45 Reasons

Modex,Bayou Health Louisiana,human action,text,ecosystem,Via Juicing Vegetables
These are just a few of the reasons to get fit.

46 Alarm

British Columbia Institute of Technology,font,gadget,screenshot,multimedia,Source:
Wakey wakey! It's time to get up, get going, and get fit!

47 No Excuses

line,font,line art,shape,parallel,Via fitness inspirations
None of these excuses will work! Just get up and go!

48 Simple

t shirt,clothing,blue,sleeve,arm,Via Your Body is a Temple
I've found that if I don't roll out of bed and get my run in, it won't happen. So wake up and run!

49 Skinny

EKKE,Conset,CheapTickets,text,font,Via HEALTH IS WEALTH
Don't worry about getting skinny. Just worry about being healthy and the rest will happen.

50 I like Me

text,font,product,logo,brand,Via fitness inspiration
I think you will like you, too.

51 Math

Les beaux malaises,text,font,morning,advertising,Via Its not about the speed ...
Sometimes it's just not about the speed.

52 Mind over Matter

If you think you can do it, and believe in yourself, guess what? Your body can do it!

53 Easy?

black and white,lane,road,snow,winter,Via
This is absolutely true - it will FEEL easier, but it's not. You're just better, stronger, faster!

54 You Are

human action,person,running,brand,screenshot,Via New Balance Running Shoes @ ...
The last part isn't necessary, but that first bit? Spot on.

55 While You Were Sleeping

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Maybe tomorrow, you can run with me, while everyone else is asleep.

56 Why I Run

text,font,advertising,product,brand,Via Inspiration
Why do you run?

57 Run the Day

Nike Running,text,font,logo,brand,Via FITNESS
Yeah! You run that day, girl!

58 More Impossible

text,handwriting,font,line,shape,Via Fitness
Again, same idea, but said a different way. But just as true!

59 Eat Pray Run

text,font,album cover,art,pattern,Via ❤️ 2 RUN
Kind of like "Eat, Pray, Love" only RUN. Because that's my love.

60 I Run

Wedding,text,font,brand,pattern,Via the RUNNER inspiration, inspired movement
I like this play on words, don't you?

61 Busy-Body

Someone busier, someone more tired, someone who's sick, someone who jiggles more, someone who can't go as fast...

62 Pride

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Who else is there to impress? Impress yourself, make yourself proud, and you've really accomplished something.

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