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As a certified trainer, I help people who work as many as 90 hours per week with limited time, get in shape. With the right workout you can always find time. And if you make health and fitness your priority you can find time for exercise. To help you get started let me share with you some shorter workouts that are easy to carve into your busy day. And these workouts require zero equipment which means you can do them anywhere! So are you ready to get started? Then let’s do it - now!

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Eight Minutes is All You Need

Are you on a time crunch but dying to squeeze a workout in? Get a really great workout in just 8 minutes as you perform a tabata high intensity routine of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This sequence of work, rest is repeated for 8 minutes total time.


Five Minute Arms

Ditch the weights and work your upper body strong for just five minutes. In 5 minutes you can work the smaller muscle groups, also known as the accessory muscle groups. You are going to feel and look amazing after you get on a regular muscle toning routine with workouts like this. You do not need to lift heavy weights to tone so just get in the zone!


Five Minute Fat Blast

Since we only have 5 minutes for fitness today, every workout is pretty intense and will work your body hard. So let’s crush this workout deliberately and give it all you got. I am a super intense and focused person so I always try to look at workouts in the sense that every fitness moment counts. So make the most of each moment and show me what you got!


Look Good in Your Leggings Workout

Say good bye to the leg jiggle and tone your lower half with this great workout. Focus on the leg muscles as you tighten them. Follow this workout and if you are advanced, repeat this. This workout will help you combat ever feeling self-conscious in your bikini. So blast the fat and have fun!


Fierce Abs in 5

Who in the world has time to dedicate 30 minutes a day to work their abs? Definitely not me. Banish that belly and achieve great results by following this 5 minute fitness routine. Pair this plan with healthy eating and you are bound to achieve some really incredible results! So are you ready to achieve amazing abs? Then get fierce in 5!


Bye Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs

There is nothing more frustrating than the dimpling of thighs when you work your tail off and eat healthy. But are you doing the right exercises? So let me share with you what you can do to whisk those dimpled thighs away. Say goodbye to the cottage cheese thighs after you complete this workout on a regular basis. And make sure you eat healthy food to couple with these targeted exercises!


Five Minute Body Blast

Make the most of your limited time and work your total body with this great workout. If you are living life always on a crunch for time, you should start out with a great workout like this. No equipment needed so you can do this at any time and anywhere! So pick a spot, lace up your shoes and get that body moving. Every move you make is one move closer to your goal.

So now that you have a few great workout ideas you can find a small amount of time to start getting in shape and take the next step towards your goals. Are you ready to make some positive health changes in your life starting today?

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That's 40 min total ?

Who the hell works out 90 hours a week? I only work out about 8 hours

Just did all these last one wore me out!! Def recommend

Nice exercise ll start it soon

This is so nice! It's fun! And not boring! I'm definitely gonna try this! Thank you..!

Nice exercise it helped me a lot !

Wow! Awesome routine!

Whoever works 90 hours a week is crazy and should stop.

@Katie it's people who work 90 hours not work out 90 hours

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