9 Exercises 💪🏼 That'll Give You a Super 👐🏼 Sexy Waist ⌛️ ...

I think I speak for all girls when I say that a smaller and more toned waist is one of our tops wishes. Yes, exercise is hard and finding time can be difficult, but making time to get a workout is one of the best ways to create the body you crave. There are many exercises that target your midsection and help carve the muscles and burn the fat so you can get the look we all want so very badly. Here are some great moves to add to your routine today.

1. Low Belly Double Leg Reach

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This move targets the muscles in your lower belly, which maybe you’ve been missing up until this point. By engaging the muscles all over your midsection, you will have way more success getting the slim waist you want.

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