9 Exercises That'll Give You a Super Sexy Waist ...

By Eliza

I think I speak for all girls when I say that a smaller and more toned waist is one of our tops wishes. Yes, exercise is hard and finding time can be difficult, but making time to get a workout is one of the best ways to create the body you crave. There are many exercises that target your midsection and help carve the muscles and burn the fat so you can get the look we all want so very badly. Here are some great moves to add to your routine today.

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1 Low Belly Double Leg Reach

This move targets the muscles in your lower belly, which maybe you’ve been missing up until this point. By engaging the muscles all over your midsection, you will have way more success getting the slim waist you want.

2 Plank

The plank might be one of the most effective stomach moves you’ll ever do. Not only does the plank make your entire core work hard for stronger and more toned muscles, but it also works your arms, shoulders and back. Who could ask for more?

3 Tone It V-Hold

This move requires using fast-twitch muscles. That’s a good thing because this is what helps you tone the muscles in your stomach. This move probably isn’t as hard core as some of the others on this list, but you will definitely feel it working while you do it.

4 The Side Crunch

Maybe you’ve heard that crunches are no longer the go-to for a perfect looking abdomen. While they should never be your only waist move, they can have a place in a well-rounded workout. Including side crunches challenges your muscles in brand new ways all the time.

5 Squat to Rotational Press

The reason this move is so great for your middle is because it requires balance combined with twisting that works several of the muscles in your stomach at the same time. As a bonus, this move also engages your leg and butt muscles for a really great multi-faceted move that belongs in any girl’s routine.

6 Curtsey Lunge and Curl

Try doing a lunge and really focus on how it works you abs. Surprised? Lunging back up requires balance and core strength, which is why this move is so ideal for whittling your middle. It also works your upper body for a proportional look that you are going to love.

7 Balancing Triceps Extension

If you’ve mastered a triceps extension, it’s time to take things to the next level and do them while you balance on one foot. Again, this requires you to engage your core so that you don’t fall down and continue engaging it as you lift and lower your dumbbell. You are definitely going to feel this one in the morning!

8 Side Plank

If you thought traditional planks were good for your waist, just wait until you see the results of adding side planks to your routine. Your best bet is to include both side and regular planks in your routine to ensure that all of your stomach muscles are being worked.

9 Pelvic Scoop

If there was ever an exercise you needed to start doing today, this is it. The move itself isn’t all that hard, but the results will be really hard to miss. You’ll wonder how you ever went so long without doing this move.

Are you excited to whittle and tone your waist? Which of these moves is going to be part of your routine?

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