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If you have noticed the unbelievable shape that Jada Pinkett Smith is in, you are not alone. So many envy her figure and think it from genetics or endless hours exercising. Both are not the case! She obviously eats healthy or should would not be 5 ft and 105 pounds! However, she also works her butt off. When she does exercise, it does not take hours but she works out at an ultra-intense level. And if you want to achieve your goals you can too. There is no difference between you and her; you both put your pants on one leg at a time. And you can be just as fit as her, if you eat healthy and follow these workouts. Here are the 7 better butt workouts that Jada Pinkett Smith follows.

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Climb Stairs

Want to know how Jada Pinkett Smith’s has such an amazing lower half? She works for it! To begin, she walks up 32 flights of stairs in her apartment building then takes the elevator down to do it again. And if that is not enough, she does this holding weights! Yep, this is no joke! So check out the video of the way to do stair sprints to up the intensity of your workouts so you can get your best body too!


Squat Raise

Follow this video to learn the proper way to perform a squat and to up the ante. To sculpt your legs and butt, the squat is essential. It can have you seeing results in just a few weeks and as you get stronger, you can even add a jump to engage your core as well. So drop it low and work your butt off!


Hip Thrust

To work your legs, hips and butt; you should definitely integrate hip thrusts into your workout. Jada does this exercise with her trainer to add some extra resistance to her glutes and achieve great results.


Single Leg Deadlift

The single leg deadlift is a great exercise to isolate the larger muscles of each leg. This is a staple in my routines 3 days a week because it works. And this is the exercise that helps sculpt Jada’s body too! Just grab a dumbbell and follow with the video.


Split Squat

Split squat is another great exercise to isolate the muscles of each leg individually. This exercise is great because you really feel the burn as you perform it. You can feel it working so follow this video and work your way to achieving a strong, sexy butt like Jada!


Side Lunge

The side lunge is a twist on the standard lunge to challenge your body even more. And even greater challenge is to grab some 5 pound dumbbells and hold them in front of you. Make sure you lower your body all the way down, feel the burn and raise your body up. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 on each side.


Star Jumps

Leap up the stairs to use your body weight as a resistance to help you strengthen and tone your butt. Use your core as you leap up and work yourself to achieve your best shape! Follow this video to learn proper form like Jada follows.

Hope you enjoyed these workouts that Jada follows and hoping you work hard to you can achieve these results too!

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Def gonna use these work out tips next time I'm at the gym

Great tips!

These were great Tara! Thank u! :)

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