7 Better Butt Workouts from Jada Pinkett Smith ...

If you have noticed the unbelievable shape that Jada Pinkett Smith is in, you are not alone. So many envy her figure and think it from genetics or endless hours exercising. Both are not the case! She obviously eats healthy or should would not be 5 ft and 105 pounds! However, she also works her butt off. When she does exercise, it does not take hours but she works out at an ultra-intense level. And if you want to achieve your goals you can too. There is no difference between you and her; you both put your pants on one leg at a time. And you can be just as fit as her, if you eat healthy and follow these workouts. Here are the 7 better butt workouts that Jada Pinkett Smith follows.

1. Climb Stairs

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Want to know how Jada Pinkett Smith’s has such an amazing lower half? She works for it! To begin, she walks up 32 flights of stairs in her apartment building then takes the elevator down to do it again. And if that is not enough, she does this holding weights! Yep, this is no joke! So check out the video of the way to do stair sprints to up the intensity of your workouts so you can get your best body too!

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