Fab Exercises to Banish the Dreaded Bra Bulge Once and for All ...


Do you dislike wearing close fitting t-shirts, strapless dresses and tops with low armholes because you have bra bulges? To feel more streamlined you need to tighten up your chest ans shoulders. These exercises are just the ticket:

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Push up

One of the best exercises to get rid of bra bulge is the push up. Get yourself down into a plank position on the floor and place your palms on the floor with your wrists resting directly beneath your shoulders. You should make sure that your feet are a hips width apart with your body forming a straight ling, and then proceed to lower yourself by bending your elbows and then back up again. It can be hard at first but your strength will increase!


Overhead Pullovers

Using dumbbells, grab one in each hand and lie on your back on a bench or a mat. Carefully extend your arms so that you are holding the weights directly above your chest with your palms facing downwards. From this position, raise both of the weights over your head and lower them towards the floor but be careful not to actually touch the floor. Then use your chest and arms muscles to bring the dumbbells back over to the starting position and repeat.


Chest Flies

The video here will give you a variety of different kinds of chest flies to attempt, but the traditional chest fly involves grabbing a dumbbell for each hand and lying on your back on a bench or mat. Proceed to hold the weights together above your chest area, keep your elbows slightly bent, and as you slowly inhale and exhale like with the other exercises, you bring you arms out the side and back, keeping control of the dumbbells as you go.


Upright Rows

Grab a weighted bar (or dumbbells like the video), and with an overhand grip and your hands at your shoulder’s length, proceed to breathe in and out and lift the weight up and down using your elbows. Remember to inhale as you lower the bar and exhale as you lift it.


Front Bar Raises

This exercise is very similar in style to the upright rows, but this time you are keeping your elbows straight and instead lifting the weight out in front of you using the power and strength of your shoulders. The trick is to keep your arms as straight as possible without risking locking your elbows, and to exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower. Always try to lift the weight a fraction higher than your shoulders.


Single Arm Dumbbell Raises

Once again using your trusty dumbbell, stand with your feet at shoulder’s width and, keeping your knees ever so slightly bent, hold the dumbbells in front of your thighs. Remembering to keep your arms straight, you then need to raise the dumbbells, one at a time, to just above shoulder height, repeating reps going from the left arms to the right arm and back again.


Straight Triceps Kickbacks

Holding a weight in one hand while leaning forward and supporting your weight on your leg with the other, proceed to pull the weight back towards your back and in a controlled way bring it back to the start point. When you have done a suitable amount of reps, switch sides and even out the workout.


Mountain Climbers

Start in plank position, hands directly underneath your shoulders, elbows locked, abs tight and engaged, glutes squeezed, knees and feet together. Then raise one knee up, bent in towards your chest with the ball of the foot planted on the ground. Jump and switch the position of the legs while you’re still in the air. Focus on keeping the body straight and in that tight plank position throughout. Repeat this movement in rapid succession while still maintaining form, for 30 seconds to one minute.


Jump Rope

Stand with feet and knees together, elbows relaxed at sides, holding the handles in each hand and rope placed behind you at your heels. Chin should be tucked and relaxed. Train your gaze at the ground roughly 4 feet in front of you. Begin jumping rope while still maintaining your form (starting position of knees and feet touching, chin tucked). Squeeze shoulder blades as well to add some extra back work. Jump for 1-3 minutes, going as fast as you can without getting sloppy.


Wood Chop

Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball. Stand with your feet shoulder- width apart and hold the weight in front of you with both hands. Tighten your abs and squat, rotating the weight up and across to the left. Now, use your abs to control the movement as you ‘chop’ down and across to your right foot. Remember to keep your body weight over your heels. Don’t let your knees go past your toes and keep your shoulders pressed down.

Good luck! Please come back and tell us how you get on.

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