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Do you want perkier, fuller breasts and do not know how to achieve them? If you answered yes, believe me you are not alone. Many women do not know where to turn and often give in, feeling they are destined to life with a saggy chest. But you only have one life so wouldn’t it be nice to be confident in your own skin? I have a few great exercises that will help you to perk up and see great results. There is no surgery required to have a better bust so where do I sign up, you may ask. Well check out these great exercises to lift and firm your breasts.

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Push Ups

Pushups are the number one most effective exercise in working your chest but it is integral to perform this exercise correctly with your back straight. If you need to modify in the beginning, no worries: get down on your knees, just make sure you lower all the way down to the ground!


Bench Press

Often women feel the bench press is just for men, but ladies lift weights too and they can see incredible results. So perform the bench press and follow the tips in this video so that you can firm and strengthen your pectoral muscles (muscles in your chest).


Tricep Dips

For beginners, keep your legs bent and stay close to the bench as you lower your body down. For those who are more advanced, bring your legs out even further to feel the burn even more. And for the very advanced, straighten your legs and you will use more of your bodyweight to work your triceps.


Medicine Ball Slams

To lift and firm your breasts, you should definitely perform medicine ball slams. This exercise works your chest and abs. Just make sure you engage the muscles you are working and shift your weight onto your heels as you execute. This exercise is explosive and you can really feel the burn!


Dumbbell Fly

To work your chest, lay on your back and perform a dumbbell fly. Depending on your fitness level you can use a dumbbell anywhere from 5-20 pounds. I love this exercise because you can feel your chest muscles stretching and strengthening as you perform it!



Let’s hear it up for the burpee, a total body exercise that targets your chest, core, arms and legs. I love this exercise and if you note in the video, this is me and guess what I am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd little one and feeling pretty amazing! So follow this form and get down low for the pushup!


Medicine Ball Pushup

Ignore the creepy music, not sure what the videographer was thinking! But check out this video of me exercising with medicine ball pushups. If you perform pushups on medicine balls this targets your chest and your core. This is definitely a more challenging way to perform pushups but with that it does bring you even more results. So if you want it, work for it!

So rest assured if you follow these exercises, you will strengthen your chest and as a result you will see your breasts lift. Be patient because you can see results in a matter of 4-6 weeks, so get working! Are you ready to earn amazing results?

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Tara on #7 is creepy but I'm impressed with her strength

@Kim: I have a problem with push ups too. Try other exercises to strengthen your arms, for instance exercises on all fours. But a good one for strengthening the elbows is a sideways push up against a wall when standing. My mother in law swears by that one at 200 reps a day (apparently), and she used to do a lot of bench pressing too.

I always find push-ups tricky. The first video was useful in that it had the trainer show her legs out farther. I hope with that tip I will find it easier to do 100's of full push-ups!

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