Powerful Pilates Workout Moves for a Killer Body ...

When we think of pilates we immediately think of killer abs because this is what so many articles focus on.

But do not be fooled because the core is not the only focus.

You can also get the killer bod you have dreamed of from the right pilates workout.

Does this mean you have to head to your local pilates studio for these killer moves?

Absolutely not, because as your trainer I will share them with you today.

There are key workout pilates moves to help you to achieve the results you have always wanted.

But remember it is more than just going through these moves mindlessly, you need to focus.

And it is also essential to engage your muscles as you perform each exercise to bring you jaw-dropping results.

So pick up the power with these amazing pilates moves and make that killer body yours!

1. Jack Knifes Are Epic

Okay so as a trainer for well over a decade, I can barely remember a day that I have not included the jack knife in both my clients' and my own fitness routine.

Why, you may ask?

Well, this exercise helps to strengthen the back, abs, and even hips.

And to boost your results, keep slow controlled movements and own this exercise as you perform it.

Make a goal of 3 sets of 20 to jumpstart your results and achieve a killer body!

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