Fit 💪🏼 Girl Tricks for a Rockin 🤘🏼 Bod ...

As a fitness and health lover for as long as I can remember and trainer for countless lives, let me share with you the tricks of the trade that all fit girls know. Most of these tricks are learned from experience, a trainer or even from reading our super informative articles. And this can help you to achieve your goals. These tricks can help you to fight the battle of the bulge, get in your best shape and stay on track on a daily basis. And this can help you have an edge on your non-fit counterparts. So tune in to tone up with these tricks of the trade that all fit girls know!

1. Tighten Muscles

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Engage the muscles you are working as you perform each exercise. With every repetition, engage your muscles and work hard to achieve amazing results. Fit girls know just to do this and they do this in every workout!

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