7 Super Powerful Dumbbell Exercises for Girls Who Are Fit and Ready for More ...


7 Super Powerful Dumbbell Exercises for Girls Who Are Fit and Ready for More  ...
7 Super Powerful Dumbbell Exercises for Girls Who Are Fit and Ready for More  ...

Dumbbell exercises are great for those looking to add resistance training into their workouts, balance their body and boost their metabolic rate. For those already fit, you can add these exercises to bring power and energy into your workout routine. Step up your fitness game and give it all you got with these ultimate and effective exercises. Ready to get started? Then challenge yourself and follow along with these videos to help you perform these exercises correctly!

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One Leg Dead Lift

Dead lifts are the ultimate exercise to work your core, better your balance, and strengthen your hamstrings. As you perform this exercise you will feel it more like a stretch than a strength move but the next day you will feel the ultimate burn. Girls you are already fit will feel this move because they will engage the muscles they are targeting!


Overhead Shoulder Squat

Grab your 5 to 10 pound dumbbells and lower your body into a squat as you raise your arms with an overhead shoulder press. Perform 3 sets of 18 to make the most out of this effective move that will work both your larger and smaller muscle groups.


Frontal Lateral

Strengthen your arms, tone your upper body and feel the burn that stays with you for days with frontal lateral raises. Begin with just 5 to 8 pound dumbbells to work your upper body. Raise your weights to shoulder level and perform for 3 sets of 18.


Upward Rows

To work your shoulders, lower back and improve your body balance, perform the one arm upward row. Perform 3 sets of 18 to get to better balance and feel the burn. If you tend to lean forward and have poor posture, this exercise is just what you need to improve. Perform 3 sets of 18 and be amazed at the results you can achieve!


Lunge Bicep Curl

Lunges are an ultra-effective exercise to work your lower body and isolate each leg individually. Since lunges work your lower body, integrate your upper body a well by adding weights. If you perform bicep curls with walking lunges you will see incredible results in a shorter amount of time. So follow along to this video and work yourself to achieve your best body!


Push up Bicep Curl

Target your upper and lower body with the push up bicep curl. In this video you will see just how you can perform this super intense exercise that works your total body. Just ensure to engage your core, upper and lower body to make the most of this exercise. This is one of my faves because it works your body to sculpted strength perfection.


Side Plank with Dumbells

The side plank exercise can help you to work your side obliques and if you want to target even more add some bicep curls with weights. This exercise is not for a beginner because you need to master the regular plank first. Once you have this down you will be ready to advance to the side plank and integrate your 5 to 10 pound weights. Work your body strong and svelte!

So tell me are you ready to put your fit body to the task and get in your best shape? Then get started, what are you waiting for?

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