7 Challenging Obliques Exercises 💨 for Girls Who Want a Flat Stomach ASAP🎖 ...

Look amazing from every angle with oblique exercises for your flattest stomach ever. Do not wait another minute talking about what you will do. Get moving and challenge yourself to the amazing fitness results you deserve. With challenging exercises for obliques like the elevated mountain climber, plank hip twist, crunch twist and others, you can achieve extraordinary results in the abs department. Time to focus on these targeted exercises:

1. Elevated Mountain Climbers

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For super tight abs and a mid-section that will wow your friends and family, performing the elevated mountain climber can help transform your body. This move targets your obliques and abdominals, while also increasing balance and mobility in your midsection. This will also increase your cardiovascular strength, so why are you not doing this yet? Get climbing!

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