7 Challenging Obliques Exercises for Girls Who Want a Flat Stomach ASAP ...


7 Challenging Obliques Exercises for Girls Who Want a Flat Stomach ASAP ...
7 Challenging Obliques Exercises for Girls Who Want a Flat Stomach ASAP ...

Look amazing from every angle with oblique exercises for your flattest stomach ever. Do not wait another minute talking about what you will do. Get moving and challenge yourself to the amazing fitness results you deserve. With challenging exercises for obliques like the elevated mountain climber, plank hip twist, crunch twist and others, you can achieve extraordinary results in the abs department. Time to focus on these targeted exercises:

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Elevated Mountain Climbers

For super tight abs and a mid-section that will wow your friends and family, performing the elevated mountain climber can help transform your body. This move targets your obliques and abdominals, while also increasing balance and mobility in your midsection. This will also increase your cardiovascular strength, so why are you not doing this yet? Get climbing!


Plank with Hip Twist

The plank exercise by itself is a superior workout move, but add a twist and be wowed by how you feel it more in your obliques. When performing this exercise, get in plank position and twist your hips over your midline from side to side. Aim for 3 sets of 15 for awesome ab results!


Crunch Twist

Do 10 up and 10 down with a crunch twist to help you get in super shape. Your abs will be defined quickly if you simply target and engage your core. Just make sure you eat clean to support the work you are doing with your workouts and you will be amazed in how quickly you will see results.


Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches will target your mid-section, along with your legs. Just alternate bringing your legs in to the opposite arm, then switch and repeat for 15 on each side for fantastic results. Check out just how to do this exercise properly in this video.


Supine Crunch

To isolate the sides of your abs and active a full range of core movement, perform the supine crunch. Lie on your back and shift back and forth. Keep the abs engaged and lift legs, knees bent to 90 degree angle. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps for fab ab results!


Easy Side Oblique Sit up

Chairs are on just for sitting on; you can use them in your workout too! Check out just how in this video of the easy side oblique. Perform this exercise slowly to target your side abs and if you want to increase the intensity, add a weight! Perform 10 and then switch to the other side.


Side Plank with Hip Dips

As a mom of 4 lovely children and still trying to re-find my 6 pack abs after just recently given birth, I swear by this exercise. This move will work your core, obliques, abs and back and it is so simple to do. Begin by lying on one side raised up on one elbow, keeping body in a straight line, feet stacked on top of one another, hips lifted. Move down slowly down until hip barely touches the ground, then lift back up. Do 15 reps, holding last rep for 15-30 seconds before dropping. Repeat on opposite side for amazing abs from every angle!

So if you want a flat stomach, stop reading and get that body into motion ASAP! You are only as strong as your last workout, so give it all you got!

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