10 Biggest Fitness Myths Totally BUSTED ...


10 Biggest Fitness Myths Totally BUSTED ...
10 Biggest Fitness Myths Totally BUSTED ...

As you look around the gym you notice people doing different workouts. Some are strict cardio, others are lifting heavy, there are the light weight lifters and everything in between. So what is the right workout and why are we all doing things so differently? Let's take a reality check as I bring the truth to light. As a certified trainer for well over a decade I know the fitness myths that are so widespread. Let me share with you the truth to help you get your fit on, starting today!

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Myth = Spot Reduction Works

Spot reduction is not possible or we could all defy genetics. Some people harbor fat in certain areas more than others. The good news is that you can lower your body fat stores overall through diet and exercise to see total body results. So set realistic goals, eat healthy and put in the time exercising and I promise you will see some absolutely amazing results!


Myth = Your Abs Are Divided in Upper, Middle and Lower Regions

So many people are confused when it comes to their abdominal muscles because for so long they have been referred to as being 3 segments; upper, middle and lower. But guess what! Your abdominal muscle is all one muscle. So tighten your abs and target your middle as you perform exercises. Also make sure you pay attention to eating a clean, healthy diet so you can slim your waistline!


Myth = Squats Kill Your Knees

So often people refer to the stress squats put on their knees but this is not the case. Squats are an effective exercise to strengthen your lower half as long as you perform the exercise properly. Make sure you go through a full range of motion and focus on form to get the results, without injury and joint stress.


Myth = Deadlifts Hurt Your Back

The idea that deadlifts hurt your back could not be farther from reality. Deadlifts work your total body and will strengthen you as long as you perform this effective exercise properly. So go nice and slow and make the most out of this powerful move!


Myth = Lifting Weights Will Bulk You up

So many women are terrified to lift weights because of the misconception that this can make you bulky. In reality, since women have a small fraction of testosterone as compared to men, this is not even possible. But if you greatly increase your calories, do not be surprised to get bulky. Diet is the major contributor, not the weights you are lifting!


Myth = Anyone Can Go the Distance

A great myth is that anyone can run to lose weight and get in shape. But the truth is in order to run long distance you have to be fit or you will become injured. Save yourself from becoming sidelined and lose weight before you venture out for a distance run. Going slow and steady into your running program will help you to lose weight without getting hurt.


Myth = Machines Are Far Better than Free Weights

Machines have their place in the fitness world, especially if you are injured because they limit your range of motion. For novice exercisers machines will help you to perform an exercise properly. But if you are advanced and without limits, free weights will give you a far better workout. Free weights help you to work multiple muscle groups rather than the isolation of machines.


Myth = Lat Pull Downs behind Your Head Are More Effective

Lat pull downs behind your head put stress on your back and are most often performed incorrectly so pull down in front of you to achieve the best results while avoiding an injury.


Myth = You Should Bench with Your Wrists Bent

You should always bench with your wrists straight. Bent wrists put excess stress on the joints and can cause tendonitis. It may feel unnatural at first to have straight wrists but as you get stronger, it will feel more natural.


Myth = Stretching Pre Workout Prevents Injury

Contrary to the long term belief, it is not important to stretch before your workout. Save your stretch for the end. Stretching on cold muscles will actually increase your risk of an injury. So wait till the end and then spend 3-5 minutes to stretch it out!

With all these fitness myths brought to reality, are you ready to get your fit on? You know what to do so now it is time to get to it!

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