Girl's Guide to Your Hottest Body Ever in Only 15 Minutes a Day ...


Girl's Guide to Your Hottest Body Ever in Only 15 Minutes  a Day ...
Girl's Guide to Your Hottest Body Ever in Only 15 Minutes  a Day ...

With much going on in your world, you may find your mind off of fitness. Add this to your busy work schedule, family and friends and you have a recipe for someone with limited time for a workout. Normally as a certified trainer and mom of 4, I do not accept this but I do understand there are times that life just gets too busy. So I have created this list of the ways to get the hottest body ever in just 15 minutes a day. So check it out and get ready to work hard for amazing results!

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High Intensity Interval training is seriously challenging for both your body and mind. In 15 minutes or more you will push yourself with exercises that heavily increase your heart rate for 2-3 minutes and then you get a 15 second break, then repeat. You can search online or on our site for great free HIIT workouts that will help you achieve the hottest body ever!


Jumping Rope

Get back to your childhood days and jump rope for fun and fitness. Jumping rope for just 15 minutes daily can seriously sculpt your body. This is especially the case because jumping rope is the highest calorie burning exercise per minute. And ladies if you want to challenge yourself even more, invest in a weighted jump rope!



Sprint as hard as you can on the treadmill or even around your neighborhood. As you push yourself to the next level and feel the burn, do not be surprised if you finish your sprint drenched in sweat. This is because running burns a heck of a lot of calories and even more so if you are sprinting. So run for a killer body!



Okay so Shaun T is ultra-intense in his Insanity program, with all of the jumping moves and intense cardio but I promise it is worth it. If you can get through just 15 minutes of this workout on the daily and make healthy eating choices, your body will transform. And you will achieve the killer body you have been dying for!


Boot Camp

Maybe I am a little bit partial to boot camp since I have run one for over a decade, but seriously ladies, this program rocks. You can do this online or in person performing circuit, resistance and cardio training. And if you do the shortened version of 15 minutes, just make sure to push hard and exerciser smarter. Every minute you work out will determine the results you will see.



It's incredible to think that these jumping exercises can whittle your waist and sculpt your entire body. The key is to focus on form to make the most out of every exercise. Like in a jump squat, put power into your jump and give it all you got. Rest and repeat for 15 minutes!


Bosu Ball

Utilize the bosu ball to sculpt your core and push yourself even more. The bosu ball is an excellent tool that you can use for almost every workout. In just 15 minutes you can stand on the bosu with a set of weights, do a set of deadlifts and even perform ab sculpting exercises. I promise you will be amazed at the results you can earn by focusing on form and engaging the muscles you are working.

So 15 minutes to firm, fabulous and feeling great. That is all it will take if you eat healthy and choose to be better starting today. Are you ready for the challenge?

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