Work out Your Entire Body with This One Move ...


Work out Your Entire Body with This One Move ...
Work out Your Entire Body with This One Move ...

You don't have to do dozens of different moves in order to work out your entire body. According to PopSugar, you can work all of your muscles with this one simple move. It's called the Man Maker. The best part? It'll take you less than a minute to learn how to do.

Here's the breakdown of it: You're going to start by squatting. Then you're going to grab some free weights, jump your feet back, drop your chest, push up, row, row again, jump your feet in, curl the weights in, and press overhead. Do that ten times and you're done!

If you're a little lost, here's the video that'll show you how it's done:

Are you going to try this workout move today?

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U call this obe move ? Lolzz

lol i did know that was the defintion of one move,lol that was like  3 or 4

Just watching her do it, makes me tired lol

As always love these workouts!! ❤️💪🏽

Awesome! Do it fast enough and you got yourself a HIIT workout lol

you just made my day.

Lordy, looks good but I'd faint after the second time!

Almost like a burpee with weights

Thank god

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