The One Video That'll Give You Flat Abs ...

By Holly

Idalis Valequez is a celebrity trainer who really knows what she's talking about. That's why you need to see the video she created for Pop Sugar. It shows you how to get sexy abs in a short amount of time. All you need to do is follow the advice she gives in this 10-minute ab sculpting workout:

As long as you have ten minutes of free time and a cute workout outfit, you might as well try this fitness routine. It could help you get the results you've been dreaming about for years! Are you going to attempt this workout today?

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How long do you do it to see results

This looks tough

So sick of these posts. "Get abs in 2 minutes by doing this work out!!" You should work out to simply be a healthier person, and the more your goal is to "get toned in 4 weeks", the harder you're making it for yourself. A lot of girls physically cannot achieve visible abs unless they are very tiny or use steroids honestly (not that I even have a problem with steroids but let's stop the lies).

Oooh yea I will definitely try.

Thats the one of my favoriet work out video online!