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As you look down at your stomach you may be feeling hopeless and destined to never have a flat stomach. But have no fear. With healthy eating, cardio and targeted exercises you can slim and shred your abdominal region. Take it from me as a mom of 3, if I can do it so can you. So to get you started, check out these great videos and make sure you eat plenty of veggies, whole grains and fruits so that you can make the most of your hard work.

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Six Pack Abs

If you want to sculpt your stomach and get a six pack begin with this super workout and cut out the carbs after 7pm. Late night eating will sabotage the effort of this workout so make sure you eat healthy and work hard. And have fun because getting in shape can be as much fun as you allow it to be. You are in the process of transforming your body and your life!


Cardio with Jillian

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels is a trusted trainer for years and for good reason she knows the way to get you in your best shape. The workout she guides you through will help you get slim and shredded, especially if you combine this with healthy eating! And her cardio workouts are just the right intensity to help push you to achieve your goals.


Dance Your Stomach Slim

As much as I love abdominal exercises, sometimes you just need to break up the boredom and try something new. So up the ante and work your core to get slim and sculpted abs like a Victoria's Secret Model! Push yourself and keep up with the contagious energy in this video. You may find yourself putting that extra push in your workout.


Dance It out Again

Sometimes when you find a certain kind of fitness that works you just have to stick with it but vary the style. That is just what you can do if you follow this workout with Denise and dance it out yet again. Make sure you engage your core through this workout and refuel with lean protein 30-45 minutes after to help your body recover.


Be Fit in 10

‌If you are on a time crunch but want to make the most of each moment check out this super cardio 10 minute workout. This workout is quick and easy to slip into your schedule and if you eat healthy as well you will be on your way to earning incredible health and fitness results!


Insane Abs

If you want insane abs that are lean, shredded and sculpted; perform this 45 minute fitness blender workout. With fitness blender workouts you cannot go wrong because there is detailed description in proper form to help you get the most out of each exercise. Just make sure to tighten your core to engage the muscle you are working.


Amp up the Abs

To complete this week’s workout of insane abs, perform this 37 minute fitness blender workout that will challenge you to slim down and sculpt. Say goodbye to the belly fat and hello to the sexy abdominal muscles after you perform this great work out and make healthier food choices!

With all these great ab workouts you are sure to be on your way to slim, sculpted and sexy abs! So get to the plan, get focused and get ready to achieve great results!

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