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Are you looking for ways to sculpt your abs without equipment? Well the good news is that most of the abdominal equipment is useless anyway. Most of this equipment is presented on infomercials on a daily basis only to bring in high profitability without bringing the promised results. The truth is that you only need some energy, the will to work hard and a clean diet to achieve sculpted abs, not some fancy equipment. Not sure where to begin? Then let me share with you the ways to sculpt your abs:

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Tighten to Tone

Tighten your abs to see greater definition, hold for 10-15 seconds then relax. Perform this tightening exercise 4 times a day to strengthen your abdominal wall. This is one of the simplest ways to sculpt your abs without any equipment whatsoever. I usually do this when I am in line at the grocery store and no one even knows that I am doing it!


Plank It out

The plank is the most effective exercise for strengthening your total core, so start planking it out. Make sure you focus on proper form, with your body in a straight line from your head to toe. Begin with just 30 seconds and work up to holding as long as you can. This move does wonders in helping you achieve sculpted abs, and there is no equipment needed!


Eliminate Late Night Snacks

As you lie in bed pecking away at your laptop keyboard, you are craving a snack. You stay true to eating healthy and choose the pretzels or the chips, but the next day you wake up and the scale is up! Do not scream as you look at your side profile and notice you are very bloated. Pretzels still have a lot of sodium, so even though this was the better choice, the best choice would be to eliminate late night snacking completely. Get to bed, sleepy head, and you will wake up with a flatter and firmer stomach!


Drink More Water

Water flushes toxins out of the body, hydrates you and helps to eliminate bloating. So aim for 10-12 glasses of water daily so that you can achieve flat, sculpted abs!


Increase Your Cardio

You run for a mile a day and you are disappointed because you are still not seeing your desired results. Do not stress, just increase your cardio. Cardio can help you to reduce body fat so you can unveil sculpted and defined abs!


Eliminate Sugar

Refined sugar (found in cookies, cakes and other processed foods) causes abdominal bloating and it really is horrible for you. Sugar is addictive. Once you have a little bit of it, you crave more and more. If you want to see amazing results in your abs, try giving up sugar. If you are a sugar eater, you will be floored as you see the scale go down simply because of this simple step.


Do More Abdominal Exercises

Crunches, side obliques and the plank are just a few of the effective exercises that can help you to achieve sculpted and toned abs. Pair these exercises with a clean diet and active lifestyle, and you will see a tremendous transformation!

Now that you are aware of the ways to attain your dream abs without equipment, are you ready to earn great results? Then start working and making simple, effective choices to achieve this. Make the choices that pave the path to the six pack of your dreams!

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loved ur article ll the points are simple b doable


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@Jessica she tightens her abs as if she is about to go into a crunch.

I do number one at red lights!

@Kaitlyn Sutherland, what exactly do they mean by that? just sucking in your tummy? lol sorry I know it seems like a silly question

LOVE THIS!!! thank youuuu

this article is soooo true! h2O

love this!!!!! I just started eating clean and committing to the gym and seeing the difference (:

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