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These Yoga Essentials Will Get You Started in the Studio ...

By Eliza

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise for many reasons. It burns some calories, tones your muscles and helps you relieve and control stress. Yoga is a great for beginners and experts so now is definitely the time to get started in the studio. Here is all the gear you'll need.

1 Yoga Leggings

You won't have any trouble getting into your poses when you're wearing these pants.

2 Sore Today Strong Tomorrow

Sore Today Strong
This is the truth, isn't it?

3 Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga Mat
One of these will definitely come in handy.

4 Perfect Yoga Top

Perfect Yoga
This comfy top is stylish and comfy for all your time in the studio.

5 Fun Yoga Pants

Fun Yoga
Keep yourself motivated with a fab pair of yoga pants.

6 Yoga Tank

Yoga will never be as awesome as it is when you wear this tank.

7 Gear Bag

Here's a fun way to carry all of your yoga gear to the studio.

8 Something Sporty

This is another fantastic way to keep all your gear in one place.

9 Socks
Keep your feet warm during yoga with these comfy and anti-slip socks.

10 Yoga Strap

Make is super easy to carry your yoga mat to and from the studio with this strap.

11 The Perfect Water Bottle

The Perfect Water
You'll want a water bottle to refresh with when you get sweaty and hot.

12 Rehydrate in Style

Rehydrate in
You are going to adore having this water bottle with you at the yoga studio.

13 Hair Ties

Keep your hair out of your face while you downward dog with these fun ties.

14 Athletic Headband

This is another fabulous way to look stylish and keep your hair in place during yoga.

15 Yoga Wrap

Use this wrap to stay warm before and after yoga. It's cute, isn't it?

16 Comfy Tank

I'd look forward to yoga if I had this tank to wear.

Not yoga session would be complete without a great yoga mat. This one is perfect!

What's your favorite thing about yoga?

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