7 Exercises Even the Clumsiest Women Can do ...


7 Exercises Even the Clumsiest Women Can do ...
7 Exercises Even the Clumsiest Women Can do ...

If you're always running into walls and tripping over your own two feet, then you should work on becoming more graceful. In order to do that, you should start adding exercises to your workout routine that require you to keep your balance. If that's something you'd love to do, here are a few exercises for super clumsy women that you should try today:

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Single Leg Squat and Reach

If you have trouble walking in a straight line, then you need to practice doing exercises that require you to keep your balance. This exercise requires you to stand on one foot while you reach your other foot out behind you. It might be hard at first, but eventually you'll keep the hang of it. Once you do, it'll increase your balance, coordination, and speed.


Leg Swings

For this exercise, you're going to stand perpendicular to a wall while leaning one hand against that wall. Then you should swing one leg forward and backwards. After that, you should place both hands on the wall, bend your knees slightly, and swing your leg left and right instead of forwards and backwards. You shouldn't have too much of a problem with this one, since you're going to have the wall to help you keep your balance.


Single Leg Squat Clock

For this exercise, you're going to stand on one leg while moving your other leg around. Even though the word "squat" is in it, it's even easier than a typical squat. You're basically going to move your foot in a clockwise motion, like you're hitting the numbers on a clock. It's pretty simple, so you should get the hang of it right away.


Single Leg Dead Lift

You're going to need a weight for this exercise, so that you get the best workout possible. Once you have a weight in hand, you're going to keep one leg on the ground while the other leg pushes out behind you and your arms reach down toward the ground. Just don't fall!


Beginner Balance Workout

This video is going to show you a whole bunch of new moves to add to your workout routine. You'll start out by doing ice skaters, then single leg dead lifts, single leg overhead passes, single leg side head nods, kneeling supermans, physioball supermans, and alternating rotational lunges.


Exercises to Improve Balance

This video will show you how to do a few basic exercises that'll help you better your balance. If you're having too much trouble finishing the exercises while standing, then you can always hold on to something to make things easier on you. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself more comfortable.


Low Impact Workout

You're going to start out by standing on one leg and swinging your other leg out in front of you and behind you. Then you're going to do pushups while keeping one leg and one hand in the air. If you can pull off those moves, and the rest of the moves in this video, then you're going to feel graceful again!

If you practice these moves, you should have better balance in no time. Do you consider yourself to be clumsy or are you as graceful as a ballerina?

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