The Best Morning Exercises for Girls Needing to Rev up Their Day ...


The Best Morning Exercises for Girls Needing to Rev up Their Day ...
The Best Morning Exercises for Girls Needing to Rev up Their Day ...

Did you ever hear the saying, the early bird gets the worm? Well this is true for not just the birds! The ideal time of day to exercise is in the morning because the blood flow through the body awakens your senses helping you to start your day. And it does not have to take a lot of time; just a few simple morning exercises can help you to rev your day. As a result, you will feel better, accomplish more and live a happier life. So get on your workout gear and perform these morning exercises to rev you for your best day!

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To increase blood flow in the legs and improve agility, perform this exercise. Put your weight to the left leg, then lift your right leg high as you can. Bring your toes closer to you. Bring the right arm forward but don’t extend it fully. Keep the left arm down. Now close your eyes and try to keep your balance. Last, get on your tippy toes!


Scarecrow with Ropes

Relax your hands and shoulders feeling no worries like a scarecrow with this exercise. Since naturally we harbor stress in our upper back and hands, this exercise is a must to help you let go. To perform this, begin by imagining you are a scarecrow and your hands are the ropes tied to it. If someone move the scarecrow abruptly, the ropes will shimmy from side to side. And this is how you perform this exercise. Rotate your body around and ease the stress away. There is no worries in the world worth you not feeling your best so just breathe!


Roll It out

If you want to strengthen your back, while kicking stress and fatigue to the curb, this exercise is most certainly for you. Roll out the worries in your life by sitting on the floor and pulling your legs towards yourself, clasping them with both hands. It is almost like you are hugging your lower body. Relax and then roll on your back when you are finished with several breathing cycles of this effective exercise.



Relax your healthy body and be like a banana when performing this exercise! To begin simply lay down, relaxing on your back. Now put each hand resting on the opposite shoulder, criss cross. Round your back and tap your back on the floor gently rocking. Rock your worries away and get ready to rock the day!



If you want to improve blood flow to the brain and upper back, perform this exercise. Simply lie down on the floor with your legs straight up towards the ceiling. Now put your hands on your hips or lower back for support. Keep your toes up toward the ceiling. And make sure you relax the muscles in your neck and face to wake your body up and feel great!


Baby Pose

Cramped up in utero, the baby pose mimics the way you entered the world. This pose aids digestion and as a result can help decrease bloating. To perform this exercise, lower your hips to your heels, keeping the knees together. Now lean forward and round your back as far as you can. Wrap your arms around your knees, take a deep breath and relax!


Sphinx and Cobra

To strengthen your back and increase the flexibility of your spine, perform the sphinx and cobra. Begin by lying down on your stomach. Leaning on your forearms, straighten your arms and hold. Be sure to keep your arms parallel to each other. Looking forward straighten your legs and point your toes. This is Sphinx. Next lift your torso with your hands, arching your back even more and looking forward and upward to perform a cobra stretch. This is so relaxing and it will increase your flexibility helping you prep for a great day! Then, come back up to “Sphinx” pose.

Rev your day with these great exercises and start your day with a smile.

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