Under-Rated Exercises You Should Add to Your Routine ...


Under-Rated Exercises You Should Add to Your Routine ...
Under-Rated Exercises You Should Add to Your Routine ...

As a certified trainer for well over a decade transforming countless lives, let me share with you the under rated exercises that you should add to your routine starting today. These are moves that people are unaware can transform your physique. If you want results, you should get to this right away, along with eating healthy of course. Remember to focus on form to make the most out of each effective move and also to avoid injury. Ready, set, go!

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Walking with Weights

People often think their workout has to be ultra-intensive to achieve results when this is so not the case. Simply walking with weights can work your total body and give you amazing results. Stop complicating things, grab your free weights and go!


Farmer Walk with Kettle Bells

Walk for just a few hundred feet with your kettle bells in your hands to work your total body with the farmer's walk. In this video you will see just how to perform this simple yet effective exercise. People think exercise has to be complex to achieve results, but think again. If you perform this walk correctly while engaging your core, you will feel the burn!


Turkish Kettlebell Get up

This move is completely under-rated because people do not realize this targets your upper and lower body muscles while also engaging your triceps. Follow along to this video so you perform this move correctly and make sure you engage the muscles you are working. Stay focused so you achieve great results!


The Bicep Curl

Completely forgotten and looked past, the bicep curl is a great exercise that most don’t realize the worth of including it in their routine. Back to basics, this exercise does more than just target biceps but it also works the shoulders. By strengthening your shoulders you may find yourself standing taller with a better posture. So rise above with great results by performing the bicep curl!


Pull up

Compound exercises - moves that work multiple muscle groups at once - are a huge focus of most workouts because they are effective. But pull ups are a compound exercise usually overlooked for beginners because they are so challenging. But guess what, they work so you should be adding them as soon as you're able. Follow along with the video and make a small goal of just one, you can build up to more as you get stronger!


One Shoulder Kettle Press

When you think of a weighted shoulder exercise, you are probably thinking this is a total isolation exercise. And for good reason: it usually is an isolation exercise when using free weights. But with a kettle bell you can turn this underrated move to a must to add to your routine. Why? With the kettlebell you will turn this into a compound exercise, targeting multiple muscle groups at once. Engage your goal and focus on achieving amazing results!


The Push up

A military exercise that is often underrated is the pushup. This exercise is most often performed incorrectly leading exercisers to miss out on the total body benefits. But if you focus on proper form, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve. So position your body in a straight line and bring your chest down to the ground!

With this list of underrated exercises that work wonders for your body, get into action to achieve results by adding these moves today!

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