Quick at Home Workouts for Busy Women ...


Quick  at Home Workouts for Busy Women ...
Quick  at Home Workouts for Busy Women ...

If you had only 12 minutes to work out, what would you do? Would you do squats, go for a jog, or simply skip it thinking too short of a workout would be a waste of time? With these workout videos, you will get a great cardio workout in less time, but still get amazing benefits! Here are some quick at home workouts for a busy woman like you!

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Killer Cardio HIIT to Burn Fat Fast

HIIT is a great cardio workout that doesn't take a lot of time to burn fat. Using intervals of high impact exercise, such as jumping jacks, combined with low impact, such as toe touches, this workout is perfect to burn fat while also toning your bod. This workout is killer.


Tank Top Arms for Summer

This dumbbell workout is great to tone up those arms just in time for tank top season! A beginners workout using only 5 lb weights, these exercises will tone up your arms without adding unwanted bulk. In only 8 minutes, this workout will get your arms in tank top shape!


Beginner's Workout to Lose Belly Fat

This workout involves a lot of mat work that focuses on exercises that target the core, leading to burning fat and chiseling those abs. This workout is great for beginners to begin abs workouts.


Long, Lean Dancer Legs 4:24

Focusing on toning and keeping your legs slim, this workout is great as it won't add bulk to your legs. It uses a little bit of equipment like resistance bands and sliders, which can be found at most department stores, such as Target, or you can workout without them.


10 Minute Lower Abs Workout

Similar to workout #3, this workout focuses on the abs, but this video targets the lower abs, flattening the belly and tightening and toning. This is a great, quick workout to accompany the beginner's ab workout in number 3.


10 Minute HIIT Workout for Busy Moms

A lot like number 1 on the list, this is a HIIT workout but this one is especially great for moms who only have 10 minutes to spare. Anyone can benefit from it, including moms, students, or working women. This HIIT workout is great to get that cardio in only 10 minutes.


Build a Booty Workout

Get a bigger, rounder booty with this workout. These exercises do you weights, but you can work out without them and still get great results, just in time for shorts season!

Working out is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can be done in 12 minutes or less with these workouts. Which one will you take the time to do?

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