Dance Inspired Workouts for Girls Who Want to Stay Fit This Winter ...


Dance Inspired Workouts for Girls Who Want to Stay Fit This Winter ...
Dance Inspired Workouts for Girls Who Want to Stay Fit This Winter ...

Have you noticed the incredible fit shape of a dancer’s body? Toned lean arms and a tight body from countless hours of shaking their hips to the beat of the music. A dance workout is one of the best ways to get in shape without feeling like you are exercising. You can burn calories and get fit in a non-traditional way all in the comfort of your own home. And if you are not a master of moves and shapes, check these dance inspired workouts so you can move to the beat of your own drum in the privacy of your home!

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Become Beyonce

In just 10 minutes you can get your fit on, shaking your hips to the beat of the music. This short workout will help you achieve your goals while staying cozy in your own four walls. So lace up your kicks and start shaking those hips!


Dance Your Bootie Strong

If you want to strengthen, get fit and see incredible results, this is the workout to follow. With 40 minutes of cardio challenge, even the fittest will find this as a great workout. I was amazed after doing this workout because the next day I felt the burn in my body and it was amazing! Are you ready for the challenge?


African Beats

Kick it up a notch with these African beats that are sure to move you. With a quicker beat and higher energy you will find yourself moving quicker and burning more calories. Just try to maintain a quick pace to keep up with this ultra-intense dance workout and prepare to sweat!


Bollywood Moves

If you love the Bollywood moves that are a fave of the stars, you should check out this upbeat, inspiring workout. These moves will be sure to jumpstart your fitness level and help you get in your best shape. This energizing full body cardio workout will wow you because it is just that challenging, so get up and get to it!


25 Minute Cardio Workout

Celebs all follow this dance workout to the T because it works - helping you to get in shape and sculpt your body. This is a great workout that will have you starting to sweat in a matter of minutes. This workout is heart pounding and awe inspiring to help you get in your best shape.


20 Minutes from a Celeb Trainer

Want to get fit and in super shape like the celebrities? Well you have to put in the time and perform the right moves to do just this. JJ Dancer has all the smooth move that are sure to increase your heart rate and help you get in your best shape. So get up and get dancing to avoid the dreaded drive to the gym. Nothing better than working out in the comfort of your own home!


Plyo Jam It out with Jason

Follow the instruction of trainer Jason as he helps you move to burn mega calories while having a serious blast. This upbeat workout will make you feel like you have a spring in your step if you keep up with it. Jam it out as you get in uber-fit shape in your home starting today. And if you are feeling social, invite a few friends to join in the fitness fun!

So dance it out at home starting today and get in your best shape!

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