7 Full Body Workouts Using Only a Chair ...


7 Full Body Workouts  Using Only a Chair ...
7 Full Body Workouts  Using Only a Chair ...

Sitting at a desk all day long can wreck havoc on your health and have you feeling out of shape. Before you accept feeling this way on a daily basis, make a change by performing full body workouts using a chair. These exercises will help to loosen your joints and turn that frown upside down. There is no reason you should accept not feeling your best. So make a positive change starting today with these full body workouts you can perform at the office (or at home). And the best part about it is all you will need is a chair!

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Yoga Turns

People are pivoting forward and back during their daily activities but they rarely turn. And if they are not turning they will become tight in their back and may even feel issues later in life. As you are sitting at work, turn and look behind you as you stretch out your body. This pivot will release synovial fluid that will lubricate your joints and help you to feel better!


Ankle Circles

As you sit at the office all day you may find your legs becoming tight and feeling fatigued. So extend each leg and perform ankle circles to circulate blood through the body and remove lactic acid. This will help your legs feel lighter and awaken your senses so you can think clearer!


Arm Circles

Do not forget about your arms. As you are sitting during a typical work day your arms are not getting much motion, probably other than typing. So extend your arms to the side and perform arm circles to increase the blood flow through the smaller muscle groups. And you will burn some calories in the middle of your day!


Leg Lifts

One of the biggest issues of sitting in a chair all day is the lack of movement can cause stress to the lower back. So extend your leg and raise for 3 sets of 10 on each side. This will help to strengthen the legs and also the lower back. And if you are still feeling tight, get up and walk around for a few minutes.


Hip Stretches

Bringing your arms up extend over the other side of your body for a hip stretch. Sitting all day causes your hips to be tight and as a result you may find yourself feeling minor pain. So make sure you stretch out your body to feel as good as you look!


Squat Touches

If you find yourself feeling tired and often even have leg cramps, you need to increase blood flow through the body with squat touches. Simply sit down and stand up for 50 squat touches 3-4 times per day. You will burn calories, strengthen your legs and feel amazing in the process!


V Squats

As you sit all day the leg muscles are not getting used and you feel like your inner thighs have gone to mush. Well don’t worry, it never happens that quickly and with a little movement you will feel so much better. Stand up, position your legs in a V and squat down to target your inner thighs while also stretching it out. And within no time you will feel so much better!

So now that you got a full body workout in, you will feel less stress all day long. Life is all about making choices today to better your life in the future. Every day truly is a gift!

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I think I will be doing leg lifts under my desk in class😂

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