The Cool Tricks to Getting in the Ultimate Morning Workout for Girls with No Motivation at Night ...


The Cool Tricks to Getting in the Ultimate Morning Workout for Girls with No Motivation at Night ...
The Cool Tricks to Getting in the Ultimate Morning Workout for Girls with No Motivation at Night ...

A lot of studies have shown that the early morning hours are the best time to get your sweat on since you will be able to increase your energy levels and you will improve your mood, thing that will make you feel good all day long. Even though it can be a bit difficult to work out in the morning, especially if you want to get that extra hour of sleep, you should give it a try because this daily habit can bring you a lot of benefits. Here are a few tricks to getting the ultimate morning workout that you should consider:

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Go to Bed Earlier

If you want to feel refreshed and energized when you wake-up in the morning, then go to bed earlier. This way you will have enough energy to exercise, you will get more things done during that day and you will improve your mood. Also, a lot of research suggests that morning exercise can in fact improve your sleep.


Eat Breakfast

By eating a light breakfast before your morning workout, you will have more energy. You can even pre-plan your morning meal the nigh before. This way, you will have a healthy pre-made breakfast that will help you exercise more efficiently. For example, you could make a healthy smoothie that could contain some plain Greek yogurt, some berries, a cup of almond milk or some chia seeds.


Pack Your Gear in Advance

If you want to have the ultimate morning workout then it’s best to be prepared. Try to set up your clothes before you go to bed the night before, charge your iPod and leave your gear by the door. This will save you time in the morning and you will feel more motivated to workout if the first thing you see in the morning are your workout clothes.


Start with Exercises You Enjoy

You will be more likely to get out of bed and into your workout clothes if you will perform the exercises you enjoy. If you like to dance, you should sign up for a Zumba class. If you love the fresh air, you could go for a run or even for a long walk in the park. Just do something that you will enjoy because this will make you feel more energized when you work out in the morning.


Ease Expectations

If you are new to the early morning workout routine, go easy on yourself at first. You could start your new program by doing a few simple moves, then increase the intensity of your workouts as you get used to exercising so early in the morning.


Try Something New

If you usually do a specific sport and this doesn’t always motivate you to work out in the morning, you could try something new. There are a lot of fun activities you could chose from. You could go swimming, go for a run or you could sign up for a Zumba or spinning class. Just mix it a bit because this way, you will get a better overall workout.


Call a Buddy

A sure way to enjoy your morning workout is by asking a friend to join you. The company of your friend will not only make you more accountable, but it will make time go faster too. You will also have fun and you will recharge your batteries so you can feel energized and optimistic all day long.

If you usually prefer to exercise in the evening, you might find a bit difficult at first switching to a morning routine. But I’m sure you will get used to it quite rapidly and you will enjoy the benefits a morning workout will bring you. Do you know any other helpful tricks to getting the ultimate morning workout? Do tell!

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