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9 Psychological Tricks to Get You through an Intense Workout or a Race ...

By Tara

If you exercise or race at an ultra-intense level, I am certain you are mentally strong but when you push hard there will be times when you want to give up. There will be times you may not be that into it but if you are mentally strong, I guarantee you will push through, every time. You are unique and a stronger soul because of this. You know your body and you know just how to fight through. As a 30 time semi-pro marathoner, I get this. There are good days and bad days but no matter what you always reach the end. Let me share with you the psychological tricks in just how you can push through!

1 Stay Focused

human action, active undergarment, clothing, undergarment, brassiere,As a semi-professional marathon runner, I set the stage with a mantra that I repeat before, during and after my race. This helps me to stay focused when I am in pain or even at times when I really want to give up. My mantra is, “I can do this for me and my family.” With every strike of my foot on the pavement I think of this. Find the mantra that helps you to move!

2 Prepare

human positions, physical fitness, wood, yoga, flooring,Whether you are doing a workout or a race, preparation is key. So put in the time practicing. And if you practiced, you surely will be prepped for your delivery day. You know you are ready for the intense workout or race because you put in theprep time. Practice is 90% of the battle to set the stage for your big day!

3 Get Mentally Strong

hair, face, human action, eyebrow, person,You can also mentally prepare for a race or workout by visualization. Through visualization, you can imagine the race and the obstacles you may encounter. Then you can go through how you will overcome these obstacles. Stay positive and mentally strong to prep for your race day!

4 Break It up

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, blond, photo shoot,Distance runners that perform their best view their lengthy distances broken up into stages. For example, the marathon, which is 26.2 miles, can be viewed as a couple of 10ks and 5ks. This is easier to mentally prep for and keep yourself in a positive "do anything" mindset!

5 Tune into Yourself

clothing, swimwear, vacation, sun tanning, leg,Professional athletes tune it their body to focus on proper breathing and the muscles they are working. They maintain focus so they perform their best. Know your body and stay focused so you can push through your ultra-intense workout or race.

6 Listen to Tunes

hair, clothing, active undergarment, blond, hairstyle,Find music that moves you! Studies show that if you listen to music that is at a quicker beat per minute, your body will naturally adjust to keep up. So tune into music to push through your intense workout or race. Tuning in will help you to work harder without feeling it. So go ahead and rock on!

7 Smile and Push through

swimwear, clothing, supermodel, photo shoot, model,Studies show that even if you are struggling in a race or super intense workout, if you smile, you will feel better. You will instantly feel more positive and in control after simply smiling. The more you smile, the easier it will be to push through your workout. So grin and bear it because there is nothing you can’t do!

8 Stay Positive

human action, clothing, person, image, lady,Keep your head up and stay positive and you will produce positive results. If you see the rainbow in every day you will have a sunnier, happier life. So march on as you push through your super workout!

9 Cheer Yourself on

hair, clothing, muscle, active undergarment, arm,When the going gets tough, cheer yourself on. You may have moments of hurt and when feel like you cannot move another step. Give yourself a cheer so you can push through the hurt. As a result, you will complete this with a sweaty smile!

So are you ready for a super workout? Then use these tips and stay focused for great results. Every step you take will bring you one step closer to your goal!

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