Girls Who Work out at Home Must Have This Equipment for Results ...


Girls Who Work out at Home Must Have This Equipment  for Results ...
Girls Who Work out at Home Must Have This Equipment  for Results ...

Working out at home is a great thing because you won't have to worry about what you're wearing and there's no competition with the other girls at the gym. If you decide that home workouts are best for you, you're going to need some equipment to help you build muscle and get your heart rate going. The items on this list are great tools to get you started on your journey to fitness.

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Exercise Cards

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These exercise cards are wonderful for helping you master the proper form that you need for exercises that work your muscles and help you slim down and tone up. Each card has a picture and how-to directions that will help you create the perfect workout routine for you, right at home. Perfect!


Resistance Bands Set

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Resistance bands are perfect for your home workout because you can stash them in a closet or under the bed when you aren't using them. This set features several bands in a variety of strengths so that you can work your entire body based on your fitness level. The included wrist straps make it a breeze to do your leg day while you watch television at home. You're going to love this product!


Elliptical Trainer

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This handy elliptical won't take up a lot of room but has many features that make it perfect for a home workout. You can pedal forward or backward and set the intensity and tension based on your needs so that you can target of the muscles in your lower body, while also burning tons of calories at the same time.


Exercise Ball

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An exercise ball is a wonderful thing! This one comes with a bunch or cards that help you maximize the results of the ball and ensure that you're using proper form. The ball comes in several colors and can be used to enhance the benefits of many of your favorite moves. The ball won't take up a ton of space but you'll love the results it gives you during your home workouts.


Yoga Kit

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Yoga is so easy to do at home. You just need a little bit of space to roll out your mat. This set includes a yoga mat and some blocks that help you twist into the poses that help you build your muscle, burn some calories and center your mind and body. The handy case makes it easy to stash your yoga gear when you're not using it. You can also grab the bag and head to the studio if you aren't feeling a home workout today.


Dumbbell Set

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This set of dumbbells is great for home workouts. You can start with the 3-pound weights and work your way to the 8-pound weights as you get stronger and more confident with your skills. Lifting weights is ideal for building strong and healthy muscles, but when you build lean muscle mass you also boost your metabolism, helping you control your weight and stay in shape.


Ab Roller

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Most women will call their abs a trouble spot, which is why you need this ab roller. Simply rest your knees on the mat, then roll it out and back, which tones and shapes your abs with each session. The tools is easy to use and super affordable, so there's really no reason not to add this to your cache of home workout equipment.

Do you enjoy working out at home? What other items would you add to this list?

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