Powerful Pilates Workout Moves for a Killer Body ...


Powerful Pilates Workout Moves for a Killer Body ...
Powerful Pilates Workout Moves for a Killer Body ...

When we think of pilates we immediately think of killer abs because this is what so many articles focus on. But do not be fooled because the core is not the only focus. You can also get the killer bod you have dreamed of from the right pilates workout. Does this mean you have to head to your local pilates studio for these killer moves? Absolutely not, because as your trainer I will share them with you today. There are key workout pilates moves to help you to achieve the results you have always wanted. But remember it is more than just going through these moves mindlessly, you need to focus. And it is also essential to engage your muscles as you perform each exercise to bring you jaw-dropping results. So pick up the power with these amazing pilates moves and make that killer body yours!

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Jack Knifes Are Epic

Okay so as a trainer for well over a decade, I can barely remember a day that I have not included the jack knife in both my clients' and my own fitness routine. Why, you may ask? Well, this exercise helps to strengthen the back, abs, and even hips. And to boost your results, keep slow controlled movements and own this exercise as you perform it. Make a goal of 3 sets of 20 to jumpstart your results and achieve a killer body!


Butterfly Crunches Are Amazing

To work the pelvic floor and your abs along with your inner thighs, place your legs in a V, butterfly position, lie on your back and perform this exercise for 3 sets of 12. The key with this exercise, as for most, is to engage your abs and you will make the most out of every move. Tighten as you tone and get in the zone to achieve extraordinary results.


Challenge Yourself to a Pilates Teaser

You are stronger than you probably even realize and you can put this your muscles to the test with this amazing challenge. This pilates teaser will work your abs, shoulders and lower back. The key is to perform this exercise nice and slow with total control. Make a goal of just 1 set of 10 to begin and as you get stronger move it up to 1-2 sets.


Super Charge Your Workout with the Corkscrew

Perform this intermediate exercise to work your shoulders, hips and core. The corkscrew is a seriously amazing exercise but it will take some abdominal strength so begin at your own comfortable level and go longer as you become stronger. If you want a killer physique, it is exercises like these that will help you to achieve just this. So get going on track and you will amaze yourself!


Boost Results with Banana Lifts

Boy will this exercise put your obliques, glutes and hips to the test. You will target your side abs which is something that you do not use unless you perform specific exercises to do so. And you will also have to use your hips and glutes to stabilize your lower half. Perform 2 sets of 15 on each side for body transforming results and a killer bod in no time!


The Gymnast is a Fun Exercise to Work Your Body

Go back to your childhood roots by performing this fun and targeted exercise. This pilates moves is a somersault and hip roll in one. To target your lower abs perform slowly and with great control. And get ready to achieve killer abs and a rockin bod in a matter of weeks, especially if you combine this with making healthy food choices on the daily!


Super Charge Your Abs with the Spiderman Plank

The spiderman plank is a progression off of a regular plank so I promise it will be ultra- challenging. You will feel this even more in your core so make sure you tighten your body. If you have not mastered the regular plank yet, start out with this and build to this challenge. Make a goal of one minute and gradually build up to achieve just this.


Don't Forget the Curls

Curls are one of the basic Pilates moves, but it has a huge impact on your core in terms of building lean muscle and getting that killer body you want so badly. If you're new to Pilates, this is an ideal move to get started with. You're going to love it!


The Hundred is Super Effective

This move might not seem like much, but I think you'll be surprised at just how effective it can be. It doesn't take much time to execute, but you'll feel it in your core, arms and legs throughout the move and afterward.


The Criss Cross is a Perfect Choice

Here's another move that tones and defines your middle. With strength and stability there, you can more effectively work the rest of your body. By adding the criss cross to your Pilates routine, you set the stage for a killer body in just a few minutes.

With these tested pilates moves you can achieve the killer body you have always wanted and get in serious shape. Just make sure you eat healthy, add cardio and get on a consistent schedule! Are you ready for the challenge?

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Just by doing pilates+cardio+healthy diet, I have lost 12 kgs with good toned muscles in 3 months,although I still need to shed those extra pounds but I do agree that results are amazing!!And I should mention,dat all my workouts are without equipments and without gym :)

weight here is fat loss of about 20 percent,6 percent still to loose!No muscle loss. Indeed because of balanced way of approaching weight loss goals. Thank you for all your articles.I learn something new everytime from them.

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