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Non-Food Treats to Reward Yourself after a Hard Gym Session ...

By Eliza

Fitting in a workout and working toward your fitness and weight goals is something worth celebrating. There’s no reason why you have to wait until you reach your ultimate goal to reward yourself. In fact, giving yourself small treats along the way helps keep your motivation going and spurs you toward the finish line. Food rewards can quickly undo all your hard work, but the ideas on this list will help you celebrate without getting in the way of your success. Perfect!

1 Girls Night out is a Fun Idea

clothing, cocktail dress, nightclub, music venue, thigh,Just finished an intense session and the gym and need something to reward yourself? How about a night at the movies with your girls? Of course, you’ll have to turn down the popcorn and soda, but sitting in a comfortable chair and seeing the latest blockbuster is a great non-food reward that will stick with you in a good way. You could also do a movie night at home if going to the theater makes it too tempting to overeat.

2 How about a Nap?

Artwork, pet, nap, sleep, puppy,If it’s the weekend or you have the day off, why not reward your hard work at the gym with a refreshing nap? There’s something so pampering and indulgent about sleeping in the middle of the day and burning a few hundred calories totally makes you deserving of a bit of extra shut-eye. So slip into some comfy jammies and burrow into your covers and rest and recharge for a while.


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3 Buy a Subscription to a Cooking Magazine

jewellery, produce, GINETTE, MATHIOT, THE,Now that you’re working out and getting shape, you probably want to make yourself healthy and delicious meals. People who successfully get in shape and stay that way tend to prepare most of their own meals. After you leave the gym, log on to your smartphone or tablet and order yourself a year’s subscription to a healthy cooking magazine. What a great reward!

4 Create a Brand New Playlist

mobile phone, feature phone, gadget, pda, multimedia,I usually work out harder and longer when I have great music to listen to while I exercise. If your playlist is getting a little old, why not reward a great day at the gym by putting together a brand new one. This will make you excited for your next workout and you’ll want to finish the music so you’ll keep going until it’s over. Perfect!

5 Download a New App to Your Phone

mobile phone, gadget, finger, hand, telephony,It’s always fun to get a new app on your phone, right? How about rewarding yourself with a new game? There’s nothing wrong with being lazy for a few minutes and playing a game and looking forward to it is a great way to keep your motivation going while you exercise. What game will you download?

6 Try a New Color of Nail Polish

document, mobile device, graphic design, advertising, hand,Many women like to reward hard work with a mani/pedi, but if you’re like me, that takes time and money. If you want lovely nails, but don’t want to mess around with the expense and time that it takes to go to the spa, head to the drugstore after the gym and choose a new color of polish. Then go home and give yourself a manicure and pedicure that will make all the other girls jealous.

7 Sign up for a New Exercise Class

clothing, person, undergarment, active undergarment, thigh,If you’re getting tired of the same old gym routine, why not stop at the desk on your way out after a tough workout and sign up for a brand new class. Try Spinning or Zumba. Simply mixing things up from time to time can keep you excited for your workout.

Which of these rewards are you most excited about? What other ideas can you add?

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