9 Excellent Exercise Rewards to Keep You Motivated ...


One of the best ways to stick with your fitness routine is through exercise rewards. The reward doesn't have to be anything major, but something simple to keep you motivated. Think of the exercise rewards as a way to train yourself to stick to your goals. With each reward, you'll feel better about exercising and enjoy watching your body transform. Give yourself rewards after each accomplishment, such as trying a new routine or after weekly workouts.

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Buy a New Outfit

One of the best exercise rewards is buying yourself a new outfit. You're probably exercising to drop a few pounds. Why not reward yourself by buying a cute new dress in your new smaller size? Not only is it a great reward, but it gives you proof that you're losing weight. This is a great reward for your first month of sticking to a regular exercise schedule. Repeat it with each size you lose.


Post Workout Smoothies

While a cheeseburger might sound better, you don't want to ruin all your hard work. Smoothies are full of healthy ingredients, but they taste amazing. Reward yourself after a great workout by buying a smoothie. You could also make them at home. Make it even better by meeting up with friends. Try this reward after every workout or at least once a week.


A Skip Day

This one might sound counter productive, but it actually works. After exercising regularly for a set period, reward yourself with a skip day. Instead of your usual trip to the gym, go dancing with your friends or stroll through your favorite park. The idea is to still be active, but to skip the usual routine. It motivates you to work hard for a more relaxing day.


TV Time

Wouldn't it be great to have a binge-a-thon of your favorite show on Netflix? It could be yours if you finish all your exercise for the week. Instead of vegging in front of the TV every day, limit TV time and try to be more active during the week. After a successfully active week, reward yourself by setting aside several hours to binge on your favorite shows. You'll find yourself exercising more often as a result.


Better Equipment

Maybe you just started running and would love some upgraded shoes. However, investing in $200 running shoes right away might be a bad idea. Instead, reward yourself with the higher priced shoes after you've been running on a regular basis for several weeks. Waiting to buy better equipment motivates you to keep trying hard. It also makes you feel like you truly deserve it.



This reward is perfect for everyone since it lets you buy exactly what you want. Think of it as a fitness savings account. Choose a set amount of cash to place in a jar after every workout. The more often you exercise, the more money you can set aside. It can be as little as $1 at a time. It's highly motivating to watch the jar fill so you can splurge on something special.


Girls Night out

Between school, work, family and other obligations, you might not get a relaxing girls night often enough. After successfully working out for a set period, talk to your friends and schedule a night out for everyone. Think of it as a night off. It could be something as simple as having everyone over for a movie or heading out for the night.


Buy Something Special

Have you been dying to read the latest bestseller or upgrade your dying phone? Reward yourself over time by buying yourself something special. Start with small rewards first, such as books, music or movies. Then you can gradually increase the price of your rewards, such as a new phone or laptop. Set milestones in advance with the desired rewards so you know what to look forward to.


Your Favorite Food

Even if you're trying to lose weight, you can't take away everything you love. Instead, use your favorite food as a reward. Maybe you love pizza. After a successful week, have a slice of pepperoni pizza. The key is to eat your reward in moderation. A small piece of cake or ice cream cone is motivating without destroying your hard work.

Exercise is hard work, so why not reward yourself for it? I stay on track myself by constantly rewarding myself after meeting certain goals. If you're having trouble sticking to your routine, try adding in some rewards for motivation. How do you reward yourself after exercising?

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