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There is a continual debate over whether it is negative or positive to feel sore after a workout. New exercisers often confuse muscle soreness with something bad, so what is the truth? Is feeling sore after your workout a good thing? As your personal trainer, I am here to explain to you why it is okay to be sore after a workout. Here is why:

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Muscle Tears

When you exercise, you cause micro tears in the muscles and as they heal you will feel some muscle soreness. Sometimes there may even be a delayed onset if you have more extreme tears. This is healthy and you will in fact become stronger once the muscles heal. This is one of the many reasons it is okay to be sore after a workout.


Lactic Acid Accumulation

There are various theories about lactic acid accumulation in the muscle, but the main one is that this acid accumulates in irritation after a workout. The reaction is often a delayed onset. This is all normal and as long as you are not having trouble walking or anything abnormal it is okay to be sore for a few days after your workout.


Targeting Muscle Groups

As you exercise and target specific muscle groups, you may notice an extreme soreness following your workouts. This is completely normal since you targeted specific muscle groups. However, if you are extremely sore you should take off a day or two so your muscles can heal.


Pushed Yourself

If you push yourself at the gym and you decided to lift heavier weights and work out harder, the results can be almost debilitating the next day when you have trouble even lifting the hair dryer. Make sure you go easy. It is normal to feel muscular soreness post workout but it should not be so painful that you have trouble doing normal activities.



Often muscle soreness can be a result of dehydration so make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water. This will reduce the inflammation of the muscles and speed up the post workout recovery process.


Inflammatory Response

Did you know after you exercise an inflammatory process takes place in your body? Hormones send message to your white and red blood cells, platelets and growth factors to tend to the tired muscle. It's the same response that occurs in your body when you have a cut or get injured. The reaction is stronger when you work out harder or you just began exercising after a long hiatus. But this is normal so need not worry if you are feeling sore.


Working Hard Enough

If you no longer feel muscle soreness, there is a good chance you are not pushing hard enough. Even elite athletes at their peak fitness level still get sore and this is because they are pushing in their workout. So ask yourself if you are sore and if you are pushing hard enough. If not, get pushing so you can get to the next level of fitness. We are only as strong as we allow ourselves to be.

Now that you are aware that it okay to be sore after a workout, are you ready to get working? Make sure you push yourself so that you can have your very best work out. And make sure you feel some muscle soreness!

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Sore muscles can be an indication of "doing too much" or you're creating those muscles you desire. Be sure r listen to your body either way and make adjustments. Keep up the great work everyone. Fitness is necessary and fun.

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