9 Surprising Benefits of Post Workout Selfies ...


You're hot and sweaty and the last thing you're probably thinking about are post workout selfies. This trend is gaining ground, though, and it could actually benefit you to jump on board. Post workout selfies aren't as disgusting as they sound. It's not about looking freshly made up. These are all about showing off your butt busting post workout glow.

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Get Support

Sticking with a workout is often a pain if you don't have anyone encouraging you. Those who post workout selfies usually receive tons of encouragement from friends, family and even strangers trying to stick with their own workouts. The selfie shows everyone you're serious. Odds are, you'll feel so motivated, you won't be able to stop yourself from keeping up your routine. Believe me, a few selfies could very well keep you on track.


See Your Progress

I hate scales and measuring tape. All you focus on are the numbers and you forget to actually look at yourself. Taking selfies after each workout or after one workout each week gives you a visual timeline of exactly how far you've come. What better motivation than seeing your waist shrink or your arms toning up? You don't have to show them to anyone else, but they're great for motivating yourself.


Ease Post Workout Blahs

Ever finish a workout and feel somewhat let down that it's over? While some of us are just glad it's done, many enjoy their workouts so much they have post workout blahs. Taking selfies gives you a chance to be silly and share your post workout look with the world. Strangely enough, a single selfie is enough to eliminate the blahs completely.


Encourage Others

You never know who might be sitting at home wishing they had the time or motivation to workout. Sharing your own workout selfie is often all it takes to encourage someone else to take better care of themselves. This is especially true if the person knows you. They see you can fit exercise into your busy day. They then realize they can too.


Make New Friends

If you post your selfies publicly or in special fitness groups, you'll quickly find yourself making new friends. There's something about sharing a sweaty, sans makeup picture that tells people you're comfortable being you. This makes them feel more comfortable striking up a conversation. The end result, you meet fun new people.


Boost Your Confidence

The average person doesn't look great after an intense workout. I know I'm not exactly glamorous with my sweating face, messy hair and comfy workout clothes. Not to mention, you're usually without any makeup either. It takes guts to take a selfie when you might not look your usual best. When you start getting compliments, you'll be amazed at the confidence boost you get.


Win Contests

If you could win money or other prizes just from taking a selfie, you'd probably do it, right? Many fitness sites, sporting goods companies and image sites hold selfie contests. Check out your favorite fitness groups, magazines, sites and social networks to find one looking for workout selfies. A little extra cash or gear is always a good thing.


Feel Accomplished

Odds are, sore muscles after your first few workouts are proof enough you've accomplished something. What happens after that? Workouts sometimes become so routine we don't feel like we're doing anything. Selfies, as simple as they are, actually make you feel more accomplished after a workout. It's proof that you did something. Seeing it makes it more real and you actually feel better as a result.


Something Positive to Share

Social networks are full of negativity. I even see people posting selfies showing just how sad they are. Exercising and taking care of yourself is something positive. Taking the time to share this positive tidbit often helps boost the mood of others. Strike a silly pose or peek through some equipment. The selfie is motivating, fun and most importantly, a positive image in a world full of negatives.

Believe it or not, the end of your workout is a great time to take a selfie. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have you ever taken a post workout selfie?

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