7 Ways to Find a Workout Buddy That Motivates You ...


Are you trying to find a workout buddy that motivates you? There’s something about having a workout buddy that helps you workout consistently. When you know someone is counting on you to show up, it gives you the incentive to do that. If that person is positive and motivating then that’s even better.

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Look within Your Circle

Many times you’ll have someone in your circle of family and friends who’d make a great workout buddy that you haven’t even considered. Is anyone in your circle expressing interest in working out? Is anyone very health conscious? Those are probably the individuals that’d make a good workout buddy for you.


Pay Attention to Social Media

Many times I’ve seen people on my own social media accounts talking about how they’d love to have someone to workout with. Keep your eyes open for the same on your social media accounts. If someone is talking about trying to find a workout partner then they may be just the person you’re looking for. If you share the same goals, you can encourage each other to reach them. If it doesn’t work out, you can always look for another workout buddy.


Make a Friend at the Gym

The gym’s a great place to find a workout buddy. After all, you’re both there and have the same goal in mind. You both want to live fitter, healthier lifestyles. If there’s someone who’s always friendly with you at the gym, ask them if they want to be workout buddies. Just knowing you have someone at the gym waiting for you to show up can be the motivation you need to push out of bed on mornings when you’d rather stay snuggled up.


Enlist a Girlfriend Who Loves to Spend Time with You

Do you have a girlfriend who loves to spend time with you? She’s the type that always wants to grab lunch, go shopping or do anything to hang out with you. Go to the gym, running or swimming with her. This is a great way to spend time with her while filling your need for a workout buddy. It’s also a way to kill two birds with one stone if you’re in a crunch for time. You can get your girl time in while also knocking out a workout.



You may be thinking that this one’s not for you but at least consider it. If you haven’t been able to find a workout buddy then this may be the answer. You can put a post up on social media saying that you’re looking for someone to work out with. It’d be good to specify exactly what kind of workout you plan to do. Someone might be interested in a daily jog but not in hitting the gym each day.


Notice the Positive People in Your Life

Most of us have a few people in our life that we’d name if asked who we knew with a positive personality. Those people can make great workout buddies because their positivity is motivating. Of course, they also have to be interested in staying in shape. But if you know a positive person that’s interested in staying fit, ask them if they’d like to be your workout partner. You never know, they may have been looking for a workout buddy, too.


Broaden Your Search

If all of the other ideas haven’t worked then you may need to broaden your search. Look around your workplace to see if anyone would like to squeeze a workout in over lunch. You might ask around at your church. Be creative and think where you might find a workout buddy. It may be a bit of work but it can be worth it to find someone that motivates you toward a healthier lifestyle.

These are 7 ways to find a workout buddy that motivates you. Have you ever had a workout buddy? Did you enjoy the experience?

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