These Recovery Tools Will Make Exercise Even Easier ...

By Eliza

These Recovery Tools Will Make Exercise Even Easier ...

When you exercise, it's a good idea to make sure you take steps to recover well when you're done. Experts say that you should give yourself at least a day off between strength training sessions. When you finish a cardio workout, certain tools can help your muscles recover and help you maximize your results. Any of these recovery tools will make your workouts that much better.

Table of contents:

  1. barrell roller
  2. cold roller
  3. foot roller
  4. total body massage stick
  5. massage ball
  6. accupoint tool
  7. recovery kit
  8. a simple tennis ball
  9. a golf ball
  10. curved massage therapy
  11. extreme massage roller
  12. stretch strap
  13. twin bedsheet
  14. cold compress
  15. compression socks
  16. accuroller
  17. foam roller

1 Barrell Roller

Barrell Roller
Using this on your soft tissue helps it repair and recover with ease.

2 Cold Roller

Cold Roller
This tool combines the benefits of soft tissue rolling with the effects of a cold compress on your muscles.

3 Foot Roller

Foot Roller
Imagine how great it would be to use this after a long run.

4 Total Body Massage Stick

Total Body Massage Stick
You are going to love how this makes you feel after a tough workout.

5 Massage Ball

Massage Ball
Use this to work your upper body after exercise. It will mold to your body the entire time.

6 Accupoint Tool

Accupoint Tool
Lay this under your sore muscles and relief is just seconds away.

7 Recovery Kit

Recovery Kit
This kit helps you massage both your small and large muscles after an intense workout.

8 A Simple Tennis Ball

A Simple Tennis Ball
You might not need this many, but a tennis ball is a cheap and easy way to massage your muscles.

9 A Golf Ball

A Golf Ball
A golf ball is perfect for massaging your feet and hands after a workout.

10 Curved Massage Therapy

Curved Massage Therapy
Get all those hard to reach places with this recovery tool.

11 Extreme Massage Roller

Extreme Massage Roller
You can tell just by looking at this roller that it's going to feel good after working your muscles.

12 Stretch Strap

Stretch Strap
Use this band to stretch and loosen muscles after a hard workout.

13 Twin Bedsheet

Twin Bedsheet
Holding both ends of a twin sheet is a great way to stretch out muscles after exercise.

14 Cold Compress

Cold Compress
A cold compress is perfect for muscle recovery.

15 Compression Socks

Compression Socks
These are especially useful after a long run or marathon. And they're cute.

16 Accuroller

The handles on this make it super easy to use on your back and legs.

17 Foam Roller

Foam Roller
This simple foam roller is perfect for recovery after any kind of exercise.

Are you excited to use one of these? Which one?

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