Challenge Yourself to do These Badass Workouts with Your Bestie ...

By Eliza

Challenge Yourself  to do These Badass Workouts  with Your Bestie  ...

Working out with someone else often improves the chances that you'll stick with the program. When someone is counting on you, it's easier to make sure you show up. Plus, working out with your bestie gives you some social time while you get healthy and fit. What could be better than that? Here are some great workouts to do together.

1 Best Friend Booty Workout

Need to get your back side into shape? This workout makes it easy and lets you get in shape with your best friend.

2 With Tony Horton

When you let a famous trainer help you out, you and your bestie can't help but get into shape.

3 Turn the World into Your Gym

Really want to tear things up? This workout isn't easy, but will whip you and your friend into shape in no time.

4 Best Partner Exercises

This cool workout teaches you some really effective moves that you need to have a partner to do.

5 Giggle and Gossip

Do these moves while you talk. Catching up and getting in shape at the same time? Yes, please!

6 For the Gym

If you and your bestie prefer to workout in the gym, this video gives you a great way to get the job done.

7 Full Body Workout

If you want to get your entire body into shape, this is the video for you.

8 Keeping It Fun

Exercise doesn't have to be awful. This video proves that it can be fun and that you can get it done with a friend at the same time.

9 Ab Workout

If you and your bestie want to revolutionize your abs, use this video to get it done together.

10 Bootcamp Ladders Workout

This is a serious workout! You are going to love it!

11 The Best Workout

This one is called the best partner workout, so you know it's going to be good.

12 No Equipment

The video is a man and a woman, but you can easily do this one with your best friend. The best part is you don't need any equipment.

13 90 Partner Exercises

There are so many two person moves in this video! You and your bestie will always have a great workout.

14 The Team Workout

These lovely ladies show you how to get a great workout together.

15 Fun and Intense

Isn't fun what you want when you exercise with your buddy?

16 Take It outside

If you prefer outdoor exercise, here is the video for you and your best friend.

17 High Intensity Interval Training

This video is going to help you shred fat and get fit in no time.

Do you exercise with your bestie? What's your favorite workout?

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