7 New Year's Fitness Resolutions That Can Help You Become Fit and Fab ...


This is the time where people make lists of resolutions for the New Year. And on the top of over 90% of the world’s list is somehow and someway focused on fitness and health. Unfortunately after a few weeks pass over 50% of these goal setters fail to stick with their fitness and health resolution. But do not accept this as the norm. In fact let's break the trend! In doing so, I have some solutions that are simple, effective and easier to stick to. It is nothing dramatic but small changes that can add up to make a huge transformation in your life. These resolutions can make your 2019 brighter, better and help you to get in your best shape this year!

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Be Transparent with Your Fitness Goals

After you decide your fitness and health goals like getting in better shape; create a plan and share with friends and family. Use social media as a way of sharing your goals and this will help you to stay accountable while also motivating those around you. Allowing yourself to be transparent is a huge step in the right direction to fitness success!


Sign up for a Race and Become a Runner

Create a fire in your belly with fitness motivation by registering for a race. Who cares if you never ran a race in your life? You have to start somewhere and just registering will commit you to training prior to race day. Through this process you can become fit, fab and reach your best shape!


Eat Healthier with Small Steps in the Right Direction

With 365 days to eat healthier and make changes, begin with small steps in the right direction. Simple changes like ditching the soda for water can help you lose 10 pounds this year. And creating a fitness program you will stick with can literally transform your life. So take small steps and make changes because this is a new year, make it a new healthier, happier you!


Make Health and Fitness Part of Your Daily Life

For 2016 it is time to make health and fitness part of your life. If you transform your life and create a healthier lifestyle it will become second nature to choose the healthy salad over the hamburger. And you will find time for your workouts, rather than make excuses. So just make this transformation, it is as simple as bettering your life!


Stay Consistent

One of the hardest things to do is become consistent but consistency is the ultimate key to success in weight loss and fitness results. So schedule your workouts at non-negotiable times and just make it happen. Do not look for reasons not to exercise and find ways too, like rising earlier. You deserve this change for the betterment of your life!


Avoid Junk Food

Toss the high sodium and sugary snacks from your home and do not turn back. Replace these snacks with fruits and nuts that you will love. After you fit in your skinny jeans or have them falling off of you due to the weight you lost, you will be glad you ditched the junk food!


Smile and Be Thankful

Smile and be thankful for each and every day. We are all blessed in so many ways but often all it takes is you opening your eyes to see this. You deserve to have the very best 2016 but only you can create this. So smile, be thankful and create your own magic with healthy choices each and every day!

So for 2019, I want you to make healthy resolutions and stick with it. In fact, post them in the comments section here and share your goals. Wishing you a happy, healthy and amazing 2019!

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Remember if for some reason you "forgot" to exercise or eat healthy one day, it is alright just get back into your healthy routine and get a better memory(ha)


I can only promise myself to do only 3 of them lol! 😁

Get your kids involved. When I get dressed in my workout attire I also get my ten month and a half old son dressed up too in his workout attire. My husband joins us. We are a fit family. We workout together and eat right together. Get your family involved too. It's 2016! Let's start the year off right! Listen to Tara's tips! She is amazing.

I'm sorry but can we talk about the girl in the pictures fake abs😂 it looks like she took a brown lipstick and rubbed it across her stomach. Oml

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