7 New Year's Fitness Resolutions That Can Help You Become Fit and Fab ...


This is the time where people make lists of resolutions for the New Year. And on the top of over 90% of the world’s list is somehow and someway focused on fitness and health. Unfortunately after a few weeks pass over 50% of these goal setters fail to stick with their fitness and health resolution. But do not accept this as the norm. In fact let's break the trend! In doing so, I have some solutions that are simple, effective and easier to stick to. It is nothing dramatic but small changes that can add up to make a huge transformation in your life. These resolutions can make your 2019 brighter, better and help you to get in your best shape this year!

1. Be Transparent with Your Fitness Goals

After you decide your fitness and health goals like getting in better shape; create a plan and share with friends and family. Use social media as a way of sharing your goals and this will help you to stay accountable while also motivating those around you. Allowing yourself to be transparent is a huge step in the right direction to fitness success!

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