7 Exercises All Women Need in Their Workout Regiments ...


7 Exercises All Women Need in Their Workout Regiments  ...
7 Exercises All Women Need in Their Workout Regiments  ...

If your midsection or lower half seems to be your trouble zone, you are not alone because most women feel exactly the same way. Believe me, I get you because this is where most women harbor something called essential fat. This is where we tend to harbor fat because of our ability to bear children or simply because of genetics. First, I must tell you that you are beautiful because the female body is amazing! But if this is driving you crazy, I understand too and I promise you are not alone. Tired of love handles or a wider bottom than you would like? No worries! As a certified trainer for over a decade, I have a solution for you. You are not doomed to poor genetics because with cardio, these specific exercises and healthy eating, you can transform your body and your life!

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The plank is one of the most targeted exercises for your core. If you are unhappy with your midsection or lower back, this exercise just may do wonders for you. The plank is also helpful for injury prevention so make sure you make this a staple in your fitness routine! Just make sure you keep your body in a straight line like in this video.



Put your weight in your heels and lower down into a seated position and you are performing a squat, an exercise that most women swear by. If you do not swear by this exercise yet, you may want to start because it can seriously reshape your butt in an amazing way! Lift your butt and give yourself the perky, strong and sexy butt you have always wanted! So drop it low and squat your womanly body to sexiness!



Squat down and burst up into a jumping jack position and there you have a super starburst. If you follow along as I perform this exercise in this video, you can get ready to perform yourself. This super plyo is a staple in my fittest female clients’ schedules and for good reason - it works. Don’t believe me, ladies? Try it for yourself!


Jumping Jacks

Ever wonder why jumping jacks are a timeless exercise still used in many fitness routines? This exercise elevates your heart rate, boosts your metabolism and is just the right intensity to rev your body. So perform some jumping jacks, ladies, and jump your body to perfection! Although I think you are probably pretty darn perfect already!



Love, love, love jackknife abdominal exercises because they target the division of the rectus abdominis! The what, you may ask? To break it down basically, this exercise helps to build definition so you can see the long line down the middle of your stomach. Follow along with this video and be ab-mazed with the results that you can achieve!



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the superman exercise that will work your lower back. Most ladies will have a weak back at some point of their lives, often this is during child-bearing years. So let’s be proactive and perform this super stretch to get a head start and avoid a strain down the road!


Step Ups

Ladies, if you find your legs are not as toned as you'd like, you may want to just step it up and add in this exercise. Step ups are a great way to tone, tighten and boost your metabolic rate to get rid of your trouble zone. Follow along with this video and feel free to step up on a bench, chair or any other sturdy area!

So now that you ladies have some great exercises that, by the way, should be staples in your routine, make sure you eat healthy and get in a regular routine so you can get in your best shape.

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Great article thanks

Great workouts thank you 💆 JILLIAN MICHAEL'S HAS AMAZING WORKOUTS. They are a little difficult at first but could do wonders to your body especially her kickboxing workouts. 😎💪

Love it. Great workouts thanks!

I do 200 jumping jacks while gargling my mouthwash. Easy way to burn last minute calories.

Tight **

As always make sure your form is correct if not you will get nothing from the exercise and can potentially hurt yourself. Eventually you can incorporate weights with some of these exercises and build strength slowly. Annnd you won't get bulky by adding weights, just right and super toned! :)

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